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Activated Carbon Aquarium Filter Media iQuatics Airo Carbon

  • iQuatics Aquarium Premium Airo Activated Carbon 5kg Media
  • iQuatics Aquarium Premium Airo Activated Carbon 5kg Media

Aquarium Filter Media - iQuatics Airo Carbon 5kg

You are able to use these with any filtration system. iQuatics Aquarium Activated Airo Carbon Filter Media can be used for a variety of operations that require water filtration whether on your pond, freshwater or marine conditions.

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5 boxes of 1kg (1000g) Aquarium Activated Carbon - Ideal for larger filters, ponds or for keeping spares in stock.

Aquarium activated carbon is the perfect filter media for the removal of large organic molecules, chlorine pollutants, toxins and other chemical elements that are not removed by the use of a protein skimmer or other types of filtration.

iQuatics® Airo-Carbon has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible specifications; its high activity pelletised granular shape has a greater surface area that allows maximum flow and a high contact time, it also makes it great to use in almost all activated carbon filters and reactors.

Due to its sophisticated production process; its low ash content helps to keep the pH of the water stable. This is done by using selected grades of bituminous coal-based carbon which makes activated carbon the perfect water filter. Our bituminous carbon has the most transitional pores, varying in dimension rather than standard materials, which tend to have either small (micropores) or larger (macropores). 

During testing iQuatics® Airo-Carbon outperformed other leading brands of carbon filer media making it one of the best activated carbons available to the aquarist.

• High Iodine Number • Low Ash

• High Molasses Efficiency • Low Impact on pH

• Surface Area 1100m2/g

Let results of this filter media carbon speak for themselves!

Check out our other aquarium activated carbon bulk bundles for even better value! 

Why not try out the iQuatics reusable filter nets? Iquatics reusable net bag

Nett Weight Approx 1000g x 5 (5kg)
1kg Volume 2.29L
Use with iQuatics filter nets Yes - Approx 500g
Width 150mm
Height 165mm
Body Material Bituminous Coal Based
Use Marine/Tropical
Instructions Follow YouTube video for installation
Packaging Sealed bag within rigid cardboard box (5 x 1kg)

Customer Reviews

Good Value for Money – Review by Roy Cruze (Posted on 07/05/2019)
This is an excellent carbon. Very low dust, and does a good job of cleaning the water. For the money you will not find better.
Great – Review by Slugsy (Posted on 18/10/2018)
Good quality, low dust, works nicely in a reactor, great price????????
Easy to use carbon – Review by Mark (Posted on 13/08/2018)
Good sized pellets and easy to use either in a bag or a reactor. When rinsed it produces very little fines.
Quality carbon – Review by Kris Kitcheb (Posted on 02/11/2017)
Firstly the quality of the carbon is great, it’s also a bit bigger than the stuff I had been using, this helps if using it in a reactor as due to it being a bit heavier it doesn’t tumble.
Secondly the price, for 5kg of high quality carbon other known brands would be at least twice as much.
Great product – Review by Schmid (Posted on 29/05/2017)
Excellent product good price had it before would not change for any other
Outstanding Service – Review by Pagan (Posted on 28/12/2016)
Ordered just before Christmas I chose free delivery. I was delighted to find it arrived within 48hours.
I use this product in both Discus tanks and Marine reef tanks ,it seems to be doing the job as well as carbons that cost much much more.
To sum up I shall be returning to iQuatics in the future and would not hesitate to reccomend them to friends.
Very easy to use – Review by Reck (Posted on 28/03/2016)
I used quite a few different brands of carbon and I have found this to be the cleanest and easiest to use:
- It doesn't take ages to rinse
- It doesn't clump together so maintains good water flow through it
- It is easy to tip out of the net when you want to change it.
Quality Actived Carbon – Review by samskey (Posted on 29/09/2015)
Quality Actived Carbon! Well impressed
Effective and Mess Free – Review by S-Davey (Posted on 17/09/2015)
Just received my 2nd 5Kg delivery of Airo Carbon.
Absolutely superb!
I use it in the iQuatics filter bags, a quick rinse and in it goes, no mess, no dust and does the job as it should.
The grain size makes all the difference. It doesn't clog in the filter, meaning a good flow through the grains of carbon so all the media gets contact, making it so effective..
Very good – Review by Stew (Posted on 08/11/2014)
Excellent product been using for a while now , this is my second batch and I will continue using on all my discus and marine tanks every bit as good as well known brand but much better price , also excellent service as usual from iQuatics
very impressed – Review by Katrina Graham (Posted on 08/04/2014)
I was recently lucky enough to win a box of Airo Carbon from iQuatics and just wanted to give a quick review of how I've found it so far.

Overall I'm very impressed with it, there is very little dust from it compared to other brands I've tried, the size of the pellets make them easy to use in either a reactor or in an external filter. I had bought the mesh bags previously when I ordered light tubes (also excellent) and these are just perfect for the carbon and a lot tidier when changing it.

Airo carbon is a very practical and cost effective product and I'll definitely be buying it again when I run out of the box I won!
Good – Review by Cenydd Smith (Posted on 28/03/2014)
Carbon looks good, loving the sizzling sound when water hits for the first time when rinsing. I am starting off with 100g per filter to see how it goes.
Excellent – Review by Neil Hayhow (Posted on 28/03/2014)
I've been using the carbon for a week now and all seems good, been using it in a reactor like i always do and water is crystal clear and no yellowing, tank is looking great too. What i like the most about it was the very little dust content a quick run up in ro and cleared straight away

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In general: The deeper the Premium Aquarium Activated carbon bed , the better it is. This is why iQuatics Premium Activated Carbon come is 1kg bags. The best performance will be achieved , if you have a deep activated carbon bed and a slow flow of water.

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