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Hanging Bar full setup back mount with corals

  • Hanging Bar full setup back mount with corals
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  • Aquarium Light Hanging System side tank mount
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  • Hanging Bar dimensions side mount
  • Simplex Grips and Loop clamps

iQuatics Universal Aquarium Lighting Mounting Kit/Hanging System (1200mm)

The iQuatics aquarium lighting mounting system fills a much needed gap in the marketplace.
Its multi-attachment capabilities mean no longer will there be any need to worry about how to suspend a light fixture over your aquarium.

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Multi-attachment capabilities!

Have you got issues with suspending lighting fixtures over your aquarium? Got a problematic ceiling or a partner who’s not keen on permanent alterations? Not everyone is able to drill into joists to affix their lighting set-ups in the optimum position and that’s why we’re thrilled to bring you these versatile hanging bars which have been designed to “fix” your issues with lighting suspension!

Why is the iQuatics Hanging System a great choice?

The iQuatics hanging bars are here to fill a big gap in the market! They’re so versatile that almost any set up can now benefit from having suspended lighting as part of its design. With 3 options for affixing the hanging bars you can’t go wrong!

    •    Option 1: Tank mounted; screw the supports into the back of your aquarium cabinet.

    •    Option 2: Tank mounted; screw the supports into the sides of your aquarium stand.

    •    Option 3: Wall mounted; simply switch the direction of the attachment bolts and screw into the wall behind your aquarium.

These bars allow everyone to have the set-up of their dreams without causing major upheaval in the room. They’re made from durable stainless steel and their appearance is sleek and stylish so they’ll only improve the general look of your tank.

Each iQuatics hanging system kit includes 2 x 300mm hanging cable & 2 x Simplex clips

Free delivery!

Here at iQuatics we’re not only industry-leaders in terms of our product range and after-care sales advice but we’re also offering free postage on all products. Once you make your order you can rest assured that we’re here to provide answers to any technical questions you might have and we’ve got the expertise to ensure that you make the most of your equipment.

Max tank width if mounting to the back of Aquarium/Wall 1800mm
Maximum weight 22kg
Maximum extension of upright bars 250mm
Max recommended Pendant Size 1800mm
Fittings supplied Cabinet mount fittings. Wall fittings NOT supplied
Width 1200mm
Body Material Stainless Steal
Side Mount Minimum Tank Length 1250mm
Side Mount Maximum Tank Length 1440mm
Maximum Cable Diameter 3mm
Length of Overhang 300mm
Hanging Position Across the length of the cross bar
Minimum distance fitting from the end 20mm

Customer Reviews

Great quality and design – Review by DusReefer (Posted on 19/07/2018)
After experimenting with a number of hanging light kits over the years, this is the first to look amazing and built to withstand salt spray.

While shipping from the UK didn’t take long, I do wish they had a US partner to speed up delivery.

Overall, it’s a fantastic unit for any open top system.
Overall very good – Review by Cc (Posted on 17/01/2018)
I was drawn to this product because of the versatility of how yoy can set it up. It lives up to that. It looks very nice and is very accommodating to what your stand and tank may be light. It was not too hard to mount my lightong system from another compamy. Very stable.
Great product – Review by Kreimer (Posted on 28/10/2016)
Received my light bracket about a week ago. Haven't had time to set it up yet but the build quality of this product is great. Looks like it can hold some weight. This bracket will hang anything you need. Going to be using it on a ati hybrid light. By far the best option for hanging a light. Lots of adjustablity.
Excellent – Review by Em (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Great product very sturdy. Easy to assemble and attach. Parts are surprisingly heavy. Looks very smart on my new tank, much better than trying to hang light from ceiling.
outstanding product – Review by stuart (Posted on 27/08/2014)
after talking the better half to allow me to upgrade the tank, I was looking for a solution that would best suit my needs, as I have upgraded everything tank, lights, skimmer the whole nine yards. When I purchased this item I was not sure if it would work for me.
(how wrong can you be). Firstly the build quality is superb, nice clean and so well presented. Then the ease of fixing and the choice of fixing again very impressed. As I have made the jump and gone to LED`s (hydra 26) I also bought an extra hanging kit for the lights (better safe then sorry), glad I did as this allowed me to hang each light with two suspension points. The staff at iQuatics are very helpful, called them with regards to the hanging kit and they talked me through my options, in plain helpful language (not out for just another sale). People that have come round to help me move tank into final position have commented on how nice and clean it looked. Would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to be different and try something new. The quality of the build will amaze you and you will think you have done well to get such a good quality item and such a good price. Good reliable post as always from iQuatics. Outstanding.
Excellent product – Review by MJC (Posted on 22/07/2014)
This fixture hanging system is terrific. I was looking for a mounting system that did not involve drilling holes into the walls or ceiling, As I was retrofitting a running tank, I needed a way to install the system without moving the aquarium. I built a unistrut frame that slipped behind the tank and allowed me to mount to. As far as appearance is concerned it is exceptional. Easily the best looking solution I could find. Nothing like it in the states so I bought it from iQuantics in GB. The product arrived in only a few days. Very Happy!
Brilliant product – Review by Mike (Posted on 02/06/2014)
I've been looking for a way to mount my ATI Sunpower unit over my tank for ages & wasn't allowed to hang it from the ceiling! Also needed a way to retrospectively mount to my established tank cabinet. This product fit the bill perfectly and passed the aesthetic test as well :)
I wanted to have some flexibility on the height so I can raise it up to provide easier access for tank maintenance. So I swapped the clip-on locking pin (fixing the lower tube to the sliding upper curved bar) to a long bolt the same diameter so that I can easily raise the height temporarily; just like adjusting and locking in weights on an exercise machine, sorted!
The finish on the metal is 1st class and the whole thing feels really solid
Highly recommended product & great service from iQuatics.
Mounting Kit – Review by Tyler (Posted on 01/04/2014)
I bought this thinking it was a little on the expensive side, its not very often you buy something and are really surprised by the quality of the item. As an ex precision engineer I can tell you the quality of this kit is fantastic, and it's worth every penny, it's made from top quality stainless steel. The unit is very easy to assemble, also very versatile and looks great over the tank. The service from Iquatics was excellent and very helpful when I called for further details.
All in all, excellent service, quality and support. 10/10
Amazing – Review by Nikki (Posted on 19/03/2014)
Excellent! Amazing piece of kit! Thank you
Fantastic – Review by Andy (Posted on 14/03/2014)
This is just what the hanging market needed, looks fantastic when fitted to rear, many thanks
Great solution to the usual problem – Review by Rich (Posted on 06/03/2014)
I was in the process of getting all the bits together ready to do my new tank change over and was struggling with a solution to mounting my Halide without hanging it from wires from the ceiling as this was not really an option. I got the mailshot from Iquatics and saw this brilliant new system they had available. I spoke with Shawn at Iquatics to check some dimensions etc and put an order in at about 2.30pm that day. At 8.45am the following morning I was in possession of my lovely new hanging system for my new tank.
Having unpacked everything and made up the support arms, I decided I was going to bolt the frame to the back of my new cabinet. It came with all the bolts etc and the only thing I did was to cut down the bolts (which were a bit too long) so they didn't foul the sump tank underneath.
One thing to work out in advance is where the mounts need to be bolted so that you have the correct height for your light pendant in relation to the tank/water level. After a bit of adjustment and some shortening of the wires it came with I got the perfect light at exactly the correct height needed.
This system is very nicely made from good quality materials and really looks the part. I would happily recommend this too anyone looking at alternative hanging options for the lighting.
Well done to Iquatics and thanks for all your help.
Excellent Product – Review by Simon (Posted on 28/02/2014)
There are so few available options for off the shelf light hanging kits and this kit came along just at the right time for my new set up. I wish this had been available sooner as I currently use an ugly black wall mounted bracket for my marine LED lighting. My new set up is actually a reptile terrarium and I needed to suspend a twin T5 unit above it but could not find an acceptable solution until the iquatics newsletter dropped into my inbox advertising these new hanging kits. iquatics were very helpful both on live chat and over the phone in answering my queries and so I placed an order for the 600mm version. It arrived next day. The finish is excellent, it looks very professional and has a good solid feel to it all. I found it a little fiddly to work out heights and distances when fitting it to my cabinet to make sure the light unit would be where I wanted it but the overall design of the hanging kit is very simple and easy to adjust once you've got it bolted to something (cabinet or wall). It looks great and is a talking point for any fellow hobbyists that may come over and spot it. If I ever need another hanging kit, the iquatics kit is the one I'd buy again. Given the quality I'm surprised that they aren't much more expensive.
About time – Review by Chris (Posted on 28/02/2014)
I have used a couple of different hanging systems in the past, even tried making my own. After seeing these I was skeptical but I purchase them. About time something like this came on the market. The quality of built was spot on. Would be will to pay double for this! Thanks again iQuatics.

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