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Cleaning The Inside Glass

Cleaning The Inside Glass


Cleaning The Inside Glass

Cleaning your aquarium can take all the fun out of fish keeping. With all the beauty and pleasure that you get from a fish tank, there comes the added and undesirable task of cleaning it out. By no means is the task undesirable for the degree of filth, it is more so for the level of effort it requires. However, unless the tank is in terrible shape with the fish preferring to live outside rather than in, aquarium cleaning it is a, pretty much, straightforward job.

There is no hard sequence or rule, the one mentioned below is given to ensure that everything goes systematically with no spills.

Armed with an algae pad, the inside-glass needs a good cleaning. There are a number of types of algae pads available and honestly, anything will work. It is always preferable to buy algae pads from pet stores and not house-ware stores as pet store varieties are guaranteed to be free of any soap or added chemicals that are helpful for your kitchen sink, but not for your fish.
Stubborn residue can be cleaned up using a razor blade, when it comes to glass tanks. A plastic razor blade can be used for acrylic tanks.

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