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iQuatics’ October Newsletter!
Hello and welcome to the latest iQuatics newsletter, we hope it finds you well!

The British summer is once again skulking off back into the shadows, leaving behind a wealth of tuts and disappointment, and a whole lot of barely used summer clothes. Don’t worry though - where the weather has failed you, iQuatics are here to save the day! (What can we say, we’re a consumer-friendly company).

As the nights are drawing in, we thought we’d build this newsletter around the topic of artificial lighting, and perhaps - more importantly - how to get more of it.  

From tips on reflectors to advice on T5 bulbs, the following four articles you’ll see attached are aimed at aquarists of all budgets, from the budding enthusiast to the die-hard veteran reefer, and contain within them a multitude of ways to ensure your corals are getting the light they so desperately require. Enjoy the features, we hope you find the advice helpful and informative, and as always, if you have anything to add, hit us up on our website!.
Considering Your (Aquarium Lighting) Options
Before you get scared off, don’t worry - this blog isn’t going to be like one of those painfully awkward careers meetings you had when you were 16 where you were forced to consider your “career options” over a cup of weak tea. No, today we’re going to be talking about lighting options, looking at how best to position and attach.... Read more
The Advantages of Aquarium Reflectors
As devout aquarium keepers ourselves, the team here at iQuatics are always keen to stress the multitude of benefits that accompany incorporating reflectors into your aquarium lighting systems; offering a number of financial and ecological incentives, these affordable pieces of kit can have a drastic effect...  Read more
Why You Should Be Switching to T5 Bulbs?
When it comes to aquarium lighting, we find that a lot of fish-keepers are somewhat stubborn, and a little bit stuck in their ways. Don’t take this the wrong way; we understand that a lot of aquarists have devoted countless amounts of hours and copious payslips to....  Read more
Aquarium Lighting:
Should you be Expanding?
A lot of aquarists hold the false belief that all you really need to set up a thriving tank is the aquarium itself, some livestock and a bit of aquarium lighting, when in fact they couldn’t be more wrong! As it turns out, there’s a whole wealth of products on the market that would....  Read more
Our Latest iQuaticsTV Video Blog
Why Is Your T5 Fluorescent Tube Rattling?
What our customers are saying...

Great stuff! – Review by Jimbob4755

I have been keeping a marine aquarium for the last 8 years. I have tried quite a few of the known brands and stayed with a particular manufacturers product for the last 4 years until I recently discovered IQuatics. I am so impressed with this salt, the speed of dissolving and mixing is second to none as a person that has to undertake a weekly water change of 90 plus litres for my 200 gallon tank! I have no problem recommending to any tropical marine keeper of this quality product and urge anyone just to try it once and you will see what I mean!

The Best Company – Review by Moggsygareth

I ordered the items listed and the ordering process was easy. Very helpful staff who answered all my questions. Excellent communication from staff. The order arrived very quickly and all items were well packaged. The quality of the items I purchased were excellent and although I have not had time to start setting up my tank, the items bought were exactly what I wanted. Prior to placing my order I contacted iquatics and staff were very courteous and provided me with some excellent advice. I have found this company the best suppliers I have ever purchased from and will highly recommend to my friends. I would like to say thank you for the overall service you provided and hope to use iquatics in he future for all my aquarium needs. Thank you for a very efficient service.

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