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iQuatics’ September Newsletter!
Hello and welcome to the latest iQuatics monthly newsletter. Any hint of Summer is a distant (and foggy) memory; as the days themselves get a little shorter and the weather gets a bit drizzlier (so we’re told, we haven’t noticed any difference), we at iQuatics are entering a busy period for the industry.

As we all retreat back into our nicely furnished caves for the Autumn, our thoughts turn to expanding our aquariums or even purchasing new ones, which is what gave us the idea for this month’s theme: 

There are no biology lessons on corals and chlorophyll this time around, just straight-up advice for if you’re buying a new tank, deciding where to situate it or even developing your existing collection. We’re also trying to cover our customers from a financial point (come for the fantastically-priced supplies, stay for the money-saving advice - right?), looking at how to prepare for those dreaded power cuts, and even extending the shelf life of your aquariums with a few simple tips.

Enjoy the content, and as always, let us know if you’ve got any proven home-tips at our social media or Live Chat pages!
The Importamce of being level
We know that for many, maintaining an aquarium is an exercise in symmetry and precision, so we probably don’t need to stress the importance of keeping a stable waterline. Read more
Acrylic or Glass? Which is best?
We’ve decided to weigh in on the age-old debate, and try to settle the question once and for all of which is better: acrylic or glass?  Read more
Are you prepared for a power cut?
Like most aquarists, the team here at iQuatics live in perpetual fear of the rolling blackout; they play on our minds at work, they linger in our subconscious during family days out...  Read more
Positioning your aquarium  
A lot of people think intense UV lighting makes for vibrant, alluring corals - but it could be doing your tank more harm than you’d necessarily realise.  Read more
What our customers are saying...

Great stuff! – Review by Jimbob4755

I have been keeping a marine aquarium for the last 8 years. I have tried quite a few of the known brands and stayed with a particular manufacturers product for the last 4 years until I recently discovered IQuatics. I am so impressed with this salt, the speed of dissolving and mixing is second to none as a person that has to undertake a weekly water change of 90 plus litres for my 200 gallon tank! I have no problem recommending to any tropical marine keeper of this quality product and urge anyone just to try it once and you will see what I mean!

The Best Company – Review by Moggsygareth

I ordered the items listed and the ordering process was easy. Very helpful staff who answered all my questions. Excellent communication from staff. The order arrived very quickly and all items were well packaged. The quality of the items I purchased were excellent and although I have not had time to start setting up my tank, the items bought were exactly what I wanted. Prior to placing my order I contacted iquatics and staff were very courteous and provided me with some excellent advice. I have found this company the best suppliers I have ever purchased from and will highly recommend to my friends. I would like to say thank you for the overall service you provided and hope to use iquatics in he future for all my aquarium needs. Thank you for a very efficient service.

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