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iQuatics Dried Reef Rock – Mixed Boxes

Date Published - 13th June 2018 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

You’ve decided that you want to use dried reef rock in your aquarium, but you are not sure if the aquascape you’ve spent hours planning is possible, the little sketches & cardboard cut outs look great but can you actually replicate them in the real world?

Our mixed boxes are an ideal base for your aquascaping project! We hand pick every single box and our “scaping” experts have a great eye for pieces of rock that fit well together!

We try and send a selection of pieces that lend themselves to the aquascaping process, some of these pieces will be those essential “fillers” others will be those standout pieces that we use to give the look you’ve spent hours agonising over.

We get asked quite regularly “how many pieces will I receive?” in truth this is a difficult question to put a number on, and it very much depends on the sizes and shapes of the rocks we pick.

Although we can’t take individual box requests, we are always happy to discuss your requirements with you prior to you placing your order, we can pass this to our scape experts who will try and pick pieces more relevant to your wishes.

If you have a big project and require large volumes of rock please feel free to get in touch, we’ve now worked with a few large-scale projects where we have a little more flexibility to provide more specific pieces.

We also from time to time have those large shop stopping pieces available, if you are looking for that one piece to finish things off again don’t hesitate to get in touch to see what we have available.

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