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iQuatics Dried Reef Rock – Nano Packs

Date Published - 13th June 2018 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

So your tank is not an 8x2x2, does that mean it’s any less important to get your aquascape correct?

We say a big NO!

In fact, we believe it’s probably more important to get your “scape” correct, with less space to play with making good use of what’s available to you is of paramount importance.

We came up with the idea of our nano packs of dried reef rock from our own previous experiences in finding the rock that was right for our smaller tanks. We’ve spent hours scouring local fish stores looking for the below average sizes that seem to dominate.

Let’s face it, that one large piece of rock stuck in the middle of your tank doesn’t do it justice and can often leave you having that internal thought that things just don’t look right, it can also drastically reduce your options for coral placement!

Our nano packs tend to be made up of one or two medium sized pieces to use as your base alongside some smaller pieces that can be used to complete the “scape” you’ve been hoping to achieve.

It’s difficult for us to put an exact number on the amount of rock in each of these boxes as the sizes and shapes of the rock vary. Although we do not take specific box requests we are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you before place your order, we can then pass this over to our expert “scapers” when they are hand picking your box.

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