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10kg iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt - Aquarium Salt

  • 10kg iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt - Aquarium Salt
  • 10kg iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt - Aquarium Salt

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt - Aquarium Salt (10kg)

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Aquarium Salt - iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro coral salt has been developed using the latest in synthetic salt technology to bring you this high quality salt mix.  Designed to replicate natural sea water as closely as possible, iQuatics Ocean Reef coral salt offers the perfect balance of major, minor and trace elements to encourage your reef system to flourish. With slightly raised levels of major elements, which are usually quickly depleted in a closed loop system, the salt reduces the need to dose these additional elements.

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro is suitable for all salt water aquariums including LPS & SPS.

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iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt

Developed by the team of experts that make iQuatics the industry leaders in their field, iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt is a new and highly innovative salt formula that will revolutionize your aquarium maintenance.

The formula has been the subject of extensive research and development and offers a mix which is as close to that of natural seawater as possible. Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt is different to any other salt formula on the market because the trace elements which are so vital to the health and longevity of your tank’s inhabitants have been elevated so that your need to dose is dramatically reduced.

Used regularly as part of your water change routine, iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt will help to ensure that your reef environment benefits from the goodness of almost natural seawater…the ocean in your tank.

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro is suitable for all salt water aquariums including LPS and SPS.

The time and expertise that has gone into the creation of this new product will be reflected in the vitality of your aquarium’s inhabitants; iQuatics are unlike any other supplier in that we don’t use “off the shelf” products but create our own one-off versions which are superior to most…we listen to our customers needs, flag up the deficits in existing products and working with Marine Biologists and Ocean Chemists, we fill the gaps and provide what our customers really want.

We understand that you want high performance products which will cut your workload without compromising your tank’s performance so that’s what we’re offering!

Why Does Ocean Reef Pro Coral Work?

Because it’s been designed to replicate natural seawater as closely as possible….and it does. In the ocean, a vast expanse of water where minerals are constantly regenerated, there is no danger of them becoming depleted. This is a different story in your closed loop system (aquarium) and we know that when you add fresh water during water changes, vital minerals are flushed away.

These minerals are important to the health of your corals and creatures so we’ve elevated them; by adding more of these minerals we’re ensuring that even when you carry out regular water changes, you won’t be depleting the tank’s vital components and your tank will continue to grow and thrive without constant dosing. Used correctly you will see that Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt will reduce the need for dosing significantly.

Click here for Mixing Instructions

Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt - Tech Spec


Nitrate/Phoshate Free
Mixing Time Fast Mix
Mixing Volume BETWEEN 285-325L
Use Marine Aquaria (Fish Only or Mixed Reef, Including LPS & SPS)
Instructions Mixing Instructions Included inside
Packaging Supplied in food safe bucket with clip on lid.

Customer Reviews

Salt – Review by Phil (Posted on 15/10/2019)
Hi I purchased your salt and the delivery was very quick and the product is quality salt, easy to mix will definitely be buying the refill packs.
Many thanks
Excellent value – Review by Noddy (Posted on 14/10/2019)
Salt arrived on time I was informed all the way for the delivery so knew exactly when it would be delivered. Salt itself had all the additives required for a healthy invert tank, it mixed well. And was a very reasonable price in fact was excellent value. Will buy this salt in future.
Excellent – Review by Dan B (Posted on 02/09/2019)
Really great product, came in a bucket with a screw on lid to make sure the salt doesn’t get damp and become solid (which is also excellent for mixing my saltwater. Clear details on the packaging so I knew exactly what’s in there and quick delivery too. Thanks guys! 5*
Great salt – Review by Tom (Posted on 06/08/2019)
It's great salt. It mixed easily, it's cheap and it has all the nutrients your water requires. What more do you want?
Great product – Review by Ookey (Posted on 23/07/2019)
This is a great product and at a very reasonable price I have bought this salt several times now and have found it equally as good as those of a dearer price.
Good – Review by Mark (Posted on 09/07/2019)
Bought 10kg of salt, came in a bag in a 25kg bucket, which is great as I used it for making the salt water in. Quick delivery. Good price. 10/10
Reef Pro Coral salt – Review by Michael (Posted on 04/07/2019)
As a new to the hobby reef aquarium owner, I set up my tank with iquatics Ocean reef Pro, which I chose because of its reasonable price and great reviews. Ocean reef Pro mixes easily, no need to let it stand, it provides all the important mineral levels and my fish, anemone and first few coral frags are doing well. The service offered when ordering a new batch is superb and my new supply arrives well packaged and swiftly. I highly recommend this product to anyone in the hobby or considering setting up a marine tank, customer service is second to none!!
Great – Review by James (Posted on 24/06/2019)
Brilliant product and cheap! Loads of elements for a perfect reef system and you can buy refills instead of paying for loads of buckets! Will only be using iquatics for my tank from now on! Thanks
great service – Review by ginger (Posted on 07/06/2019)
what wonderful salt this is,my fish love it.
Excellent – Review by Someone6 (Posted on 21/05/2019)
I had a bucket of salt very happy good quality and can not complain bout communication many thanks A*******
Great product – Review by ChrisB (Posted on 10/04/2019)
I run a large reef tank and this salt is perfect, very well balanced and dissolves super quick! My only complaint is the packaging was torn when it arrived so had a little salt mess to clear up but I am very happy with the way the iQuatics team sorted it for me. I always say, its not the problem, its the way you resolve it that counts!
Ocean reef pro coral salt – Review by Stuart (Posted on 11/03/2019)
I purchased ocean reef pro coral salt to set up my marine aquarium and found that it dissolved really quickly when I mixed it up, and the price was competitive, and as I write I am roughly 7 days away from adding my first fish.
Kind regards Stuart.
Great Salt – Review by Franksee (Posted on 27/02/2019)
I have used this salt for a few years now, however only just returned to the hobby recently after a 2 year break. Same great salt takes a little longer to dissolve than some but quicker than others. Fast and efficent free delivery and at a competive price always a bonus. Had a problem with the bucket lid, impossible to remove. This was quickly rectified, many thanks. Would I recommend this product?...most certainly. Will I continue using it? Yes
First Saltwater tank – Review by Bennetts (Posted on 22/01/2019)
I only recently set up my first tank and the price and ease of use was what drew me towards iQuatics reef salt - fast dissolving and really pleased with results - defiantly would recommend and will buy again!
Excellent Quality Salt – Review by Tony (Posted on 04/01/2019)
Very happy with this product. Have used well known brands before at double the price and believe the quality of this salt to be as good as, if not, better. Mixes well and have used it for past two water changes and all fish and Inverts seem very happy and water parameters are stable.
Excellent delivery, customer service and most importantly a quality product i will be happy to use again and again for my reef aquarium.
Fantastic and easy product – Review by Ookey (Posted on 03/12/2018)
Bought this once again because of the great quality salt at a very reasonable price. I have tried several different coral salts but have found this one is so easy to use to get the best quality water for my marine fish. Recommended.
Great product – Review by Arty (Posted on 09/08/2018)
Mixes easy. Good price and delivered fast
Nice product – Review by Tropicaltone (Posted on 08/08/2018)
As usual an excellent service and an excellent product from Iquatics......I wish more companies were as good as iquatics.
Great salt – Review by Nidge (Posted on 24/07/2018)
Really good salt mixes really quick, corsls love it. would recommend
Excellent – Review by Richard (Posted on 22/07/2018)
Excellent delivery service on time fish and coral look good and healthy can’t fault the product
Very pleased – Review by John (Posted on 09/07/2018)
Arrived quickly and the the bucket is very strong and so it was well packaged. It makes up very easily and so far it seems OK. Time will tell whether the tank likes it.
Best so far – Review by Nathaniel (Posted on 25/04/2018)
I bought these salts having not much of an idea what they were like, thanks to the reviews on Amazon of the product, i purchased. I had a Goldfish which was slowly dying from finrot , used some of the salts in the tank and also in the separate bowl i put the fish in, WOW! within 4 days the goldfish was showing alot of recovery and I also noticed how much cleaner my tank looked as well. Great Product. defineatley worth the price.
Salt – Review by Lee (Posted on 19/04/2018)
I use this salt for last 3 years its great you can go to my youtube channel to see how my tanks are doing using this salt i will do a review video in next week or so on it youtube is lee and mandy battersby
Very happy – Review by Tan (Posted on 09/02/2018)
Good product and fast delivery very happy
Fantastic Service – Review by Paul (Posted on 18/01/2018)
The real measure of a company is how they respond when things don't go to plan. The courier lost my order, these guys were great and fedex me a replacement next day. Can't ask for more than that!
Great quality see salt – Review by Ookey (Posted on 28/08/2017)
Bought this as after 30 years of having marine fishes everything has altered and using this does the job perfectly and am very pleased with the quality and price
Great product and service – Review by Simon (Posted on 27/08/2017)
Can't fault the product or service I received. Will certainly be ordering from iquatics again
Good customer service – Review by Grizzy (Posted on 21/08/2017)
Although I haven't used the salt yet ( just starting my first reef tank) I bought it because of the excellent reviews it's had. Fantastic customer service. Looking forward to getting the salt into the tank.
Excellent Condition – Review by Bourtonk (Posted on 27/04/2017)
Item was sent in excellent condition and within the time frame specified. I have since used some of the salt with good results.
The salt was well sealed in a plastic bag within the bucket thereby keeping it moisture free.
I would by this product again without any hesitation .
Great value – Review by Skooba (Posted on 18/04/2017)
Great value and very quick delivery service. Couldn't fault at all.
Great Product, increased growth – Review by Rick (Posted on 01/04/2017)
Tried a number of the "top branded" salts over the years and having used iquatics products before decided to give the salt a try.
Have noticed increased colouration and new growth on my Zoa frags.
Highly recommended, always first class customer service from the team at iquatics.
Excellent service. – Review by Phil (Posted on 28/03/2017)
I ordered this this product through amazon. The salt turned up quickly and the packaging was good. The salt is grade A and the tank is looking fantastic.
I however did not receive the free towel as advertised. This in itself did not bother me, but I thought I would contact the seller, as you can always tell what kind of people you are dealing with by their response to a complaint.

I am happy to say that, after I emailed them, I received a reply within a matter of hours, and they then sent my free towel, which arrived a few days later.

I am more than happy to recommend and will certainly be using again.
salt – Review by lee (Posted on 22/03/2017)
just swapped to aquatics been using another brand

salt mixes really well and easily compared to the previous brand i was using

Coral and fish seem happy

Will be buying again but as i only have a smallish tank the 10 kilo's will last a few months
Great salt – Review by Lee (Posted on 08/03/2017)
I have used this salt for close to 2 years and its a verg good quality corals and fish thrive i did try another salt but soon went back to this would highly recomend and will be sticking to this for as long as i keep marine
First time buyer! – Review by Paulscott78 (Posted on 06/03/2017)
This was my very first purchase of salt for my reef tank. Previously purchasing ready made salt water. I chose this salt over others because of the brand, price, delivery and most importantly guarantee that the water once mixed will be perfect for my reef. A nice hand towel came free which was a nice touch and comes In handy when dipping my fingers in the water. I got free delivery through Amazon prime that came securely packeged in a outer box with inner protection. The salt comes in a great air tight tub that will stand the time and prevent the salt from getting damp. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and will be re ordering as soon as I need to. Thanks Paul
Iquatics Salt – Review by Jrob3rts (Posted on 06/03/2017)
I've known of Iquatics for a long time, since the time they used to sell t5 tubes only. I went for this salt after seeing the reviews from fellow reefers and it appears to be good by way of mixing quickly and no residual left in the mixing barrel. Time will tell for the quality of the salt but I dont expect anything untoward.
Can't fault it – Review by Leigh (Posted on 02/03/2017)
I ant compare to other salts as this is the first salt I have used to mix my own reef water. Until now Ive bought it from my lfs. As a newbie and wanting to get everything right I tested 9 parameters the day after mixing at 25c and aerating the water overnight. I used 1350g in 100 litres of ro water. Results as follows. Salinity 1.025, Calcium 440, magnesium 1350, kh 9.0, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, phosphate 0 and ph 8.2. I was super impressed and am on the 2nd bag of 10kg so far. (Only have a 180 litre tank at the moment)
10kg salt – Review by daviebossy (Posted on 23/02/2017)
very happy with iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt this is my first nano (30l) and salt mixes so fast i can do water changes at the drop of a hat
Fantastic – Review by Lee (Posted on 28/12/2016)
I love this salt have tried different ones but i am going to stay with this now its great had a good response from my corals would recommend it
A+++++ – Review by SteveS (Posted on 30/11/2016)
super fast speedy service as always you can rely on them to deliver the goods 1st class company
Great salt, great service... Great lid! – Review by J Weston (Posted on 23/11/2016)
Attractive packaging with all info clearly labelled. Tough plastic bucket. Tight fitting lid to keep air out. Dissolves quickly. Corals and salt have all responded well. A lot more coraline algae growing after only a couple of weeks use. My torch coral has had noticeable growth. Will be buying again and would definitely recommend. Also love the refil packs. Great idea!
Brilliant Salt – Review by Ian Bee (Posted on 22/09/2016)
I've used iQuatics salt a couple of times now after a recommendation from a friend and im glad i did because my corals are thriving my fish are very happy and all my test levels are spot on, also id like to say well done to iQuatics for keeping the price of the salt at a reasonable price for its customers.

Id very highly recommend this salt to everyone
Good salt – Review by Pa (Posted on 20/09/2016)
Good salt at a great price fast delivery
Great stuff – Review by Tuskal (Posted on 20/09/2016)
Easily mixed fish and corals seem very happy.
Very fast delivery – Review by Ianjm (Posted on 09/09/2016)
Although not used the salt yet, (just starting). The delivery was extremely fast, it came in two days and the free towel is brill. Cheers iquatics
good product – Review by pawa (Posted on 03/08/2016)
quick delivery, nice towel, corals seem to like it!
Great – Review by cpt-bulldog (Posted on 22/06/2016)
Fast, punctual and informative. Great advise, couldn't do enough, I will be returning to buy again.
Excellent Service – Review by Rats (Posted on 18/06/2016)
I ordered the product, and was surprised to receive a phone call within minutes. There was a problem with the buckets they ship the salt in, either it would be a day or so extra (not a problem) or they could send me a refill bag immediately (also fine by me).
Refill box was as expected, free towel is excellent.
Salt mixed VERY quickly, and PH settled within an hour. Needed a little more salt than the instructions suggested for 1.025, but better too much water than too much salt on the first mix!
Overall - good product, great service. Will use again.
Excellent – Review by Mars (Posted on 11/05/2016)
Its the first time I have mixed my own salt and it was really easy to do. No problems at all, and if I can do it anyone can. Will defo be using this from now on, great product, thanks a lot
Nice salt shame about the bucket! – Review by Stuart (Posted on 14/04/2016)

I've returned to reef keeping after a 5 year rest and on researching the latest products for my new nano reef I came across Iquatics pro reef salt. The 10kg size is ideal for a smaller tank and I reckon it will last a good few months of weekly water changes. After reading some positive reviews I decided to give this new kid on the block a try!
I don't have a laboratory to test iquatics claims for this product but I will say this from over 30 years reef keeping experience.
The salt mixes well and dissolves as quickly as any other premium reef salt.

I did however notice a very positive effect on the livestock in my fishless reef soon after using it for the first time.
2 discasoma reproduced a week and a half after using it for the first time. All corals seem much plumper,healthy, and show better polyp extension than with the previous well known make I had been using. All micro fauna seems to be flourishing and reproducing at a much faster rate than before, and there is negligible algae growth on the glass compared to before!
I am very pleased with this salt and expect it to become a best seller in the future!
Excellent Salt & Service – Review by Ian bee (Posted on 13/04/2016)
I'm new to making my own salt water for my aquarium and a friend recommended me to IQUATICS as he uses there salt to and I'm very impressed with the salt and also there customer service as they have helped me by sending me a guide to how much salt to add to ratio of R/O and it's pretty spot on

I'd Highly recommend IQUATICS salt to anyone
salt – Review by neilbw63 (Posted on 28/03/2016)
Great price fast delivery, full of important elements mixes really easily, seems very stable only done a water change corals have reacted posatively already, great free towel just the right size will be ordering refills and recommend to others.
pro coral salt – Review by JGSec (Posted on 11/03/2016)
First class service as always. Thanks
Excellent product & service – Review by J (Posted on 01/03/2016)
Queries answered swiftly & courteously, product arrived in lightning time. Will be using again!
Good – Review by Biff (Posted on 18/02/2016)
So far so good. Great price too
Superb communication – Review by Steve (Posted on 19/10/2015)
I live at a BFPO which is always awkward to deliver to. iQuatics made no fuss when the 1st parcel was returned by the courier through no fault of their own and dealt with the postage in a way other companies could do with learning from. Can't wait to try the salt and will definitely be buying from here again.
Service was excellent, product well packaged – Review by Simon (Posted on 12/10/2015)
Only had it a short time but so far I have been impressed. Quick delivery, well packaged, and everything seems to be going great since switching to the salt. Will definitely be getting the larger buckets having tried out the small one first.
Excellent value – Review by Keira (Posted on 29/09/2015)
Excellent value for money.
Sea salt – Review by lozzie (Posted on 28/09/2015)
Brillant seller
Super product – Review by jamie2047 (Posted on 18/09/2015)
Very good quality can't go wrong
pro coral aquarium salt – Review by melvyn grundy (Posted on 11/09/2015)
Not yet made a mix but the service from iaquatics is excellent.ordered this product and came very quickly and well packed.and would use their service again.
GRRREAT! – Review by jimbob4755 (Posted on 09/09/2015)
I have been keeping a marine aquarium for the last 8 years. I have tried quite a few of the known brands and stayed with a particular manufacturers product for the last 4 years until I recently discovered IQuatics. I am so impressed with this salt, the speed of dissolving and mixing is second to none as a person that has to undertake a weekly water change of 90 plus litres for my 200 gallon tank! I have no problem recommending to any tropical marine keeper of this quality product and urge anyone just to try it once and you will see what I mean!
Iaquatics marine salt – Review by Worthy (Posted on 28/08/2015)
excellent product, well packaged and good communication. will be dealing with again, thank you
Simply the best! – Review by Jimbob4755 (Posted on 16/08/2015)
Hi, if you are serious about marine reef keeping, then this is serious marine salt.
I have tried several providers of marine salt and can honestly say to you that this is probably the best
Of the lot!
I have also found the staff to be courteous and helpful when contacting IQuarics.

The speed of mixing along with the quality of the the product makes this equal to, if not surpass other known brands.
I have no hesitation of recommending this tropical marine salt to all marine keepers!
Do your corals, fish and invertebrates a real favour by trying this great tropical marine salt.
iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt – Review by shot2bitz (Posted on 05/08/2015)
thank you for your prompt delivery,excellent value would recommend
Speedy service – Review by Johanswan (Posted on 22/07/2015)
It is the first time I used aquatics but be assured it wont be the last time,their service and communication are superb
and they even give you a tracking time to the last hour off arrival for your goods free and mine were next day delivery

I bought a 10kg bucket off salt which was the best price I could find on the market, and I cant fault the product
Thanks to Iquatics for a great service
salt – Review by raymond (Posted on 09/07/2015)
Over the moon with how fast delivery was,I'm just mixing some of the salt now so I will let you know how good it is soon,but I'm confident it will be a fantastic product as everything else is.thanks Ray.
Great service – Review by Davbarnet (Posted on 06/07/2015)
Ordered this as it sounded like the product best suited for our needs. Super fast delivery from iquatics, and the guy in the LFS said he uses this salt too!
better than the rest – Review by drew (Posted on 17/11/2014)
As everyone has mentioned in previous reviews this salt is as good if not better than the big brands .
A Duncans coral I have which is like a weather vane when it comes to water quality has never looked so good.
The water has much better clarity than ever before and is extremely quick to mix with excellent buffering properties.
My only negative is the lid of the bucket, it is tough to remove!
Happy reefer – Review by James (Posted on 04/04/2014)
I've only bin using this salt for 3 weeks and I can see a big difference in my corals!! They look a lot more full of life and more extension on my polyps :-) and it's very quick to mix two!
Brilliant – Review by tobes77 (Posted on 17/03/2014)
Very good salt, brilliant value for money! Over £12 cheaper than what i was previously using for the same amount of salt and no changes to my water chemistry. Highly recommended
First Class Service! – Review by Adam_aqua (Posted on 14/03/2014)
The salt seems to be of excellent quality.

The delivery came the day after I ordered so exceptional service!

I was even given 2 free gifts which I was not expecting! - I nice little touch which makes this company stand out as one that looks after its customers!

I would definitely order from Iquatics again!

Prompt – Review by Jay (Posted on 14/03/2014)
Prompt delivery. Great product and service!!
Excellent Salt with Fast Delivery – Review by Eamon (Posted on 06/03/2014)
A thumbs up from me! Great value compared to other salt brands and mixes well. Tank has responded well to the iQuatics Ocean Reef Salt and i would definitely buy again. Many Thanks.
Great salt, exellent service – Review by Paul Garforth (Posted on 26/02/2014)
Have used this salt for a month now, was using d d salt pro for 2 years and so far happy with results. Corals all ok hairy mushrooms seem better than ever, this salt mixes quickly and used same amount as d d salt. Will order again thanks.
iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Aquarium Salt (10kg) – Review by Jeffers (Posted on 31/01/2014)
excellent product, well packaged and good communication. will be dealing with again, thank you
ocean reef pro coral salt – Review by steve kemp (Posted on 24/01/2014)
still early days to give full opinion of this salt , but having done my first mix this week it looks promising , the salt is very fine compared to previous salt i have used , which mixes very quickly, also its lighter than other salts giving more salt per kilo , was a bit confused at first by no mixing instructions on the tub but found these on iquatic page , used 7 cups of salt for 60 litres of ro i will make a point of weighing the salt for the next mix , because i am sure i am using a lot less iquatics salt per litre than other salts
Excellent Service – Review by Dug (Posted on 17/01/2014)
Excellent service,will be dealing with again. Thank you.
Really Pleased – Review by Brian Paddock (Posted on 09/01/2014)
I am pleased to say that I am really pleased with the Ocean Reef pro salt .
I did a 75 ltr water change 2 weeks ago with the salt and over the last week I have noticed a marked improvement in my coral.,showing
great polyp extensions.all the params have stayed stable.
Did a water change today and will post test results later when all has settled down.

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