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iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Aquarium Salt (20kg)

  • iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Aquarium Salt (20kg)
  • iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Aquarium Salt (20kg)

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt - Aquarium Salt (20kg)

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Aquarium Salt - iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro coral salt has been developed using the latest in synthetic salt technology to bring you this high quality salt mix.  Designed to replicate natural sea water as closely as possible, iQuatics Ocean Reef coral salt offers the perfect balance of major, minor and trace elements to encourage your reef system to flourish. With slightly raised levels of major elements, which are usually quickly depleted in a closed loop system, the salt reduces the need to dose these additional elements.

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro is suitable for all salt water aquariums including LPS & SPS.

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iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt

Developed by the team of experts that make iQuatics the industry leaders in their field, iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt is a new and highly innovative salt formula that will revolutionize your aquarium maintenance.

The formula has been the subject of extensive research and development and offers a mix which is as close to that of natural seawater as possible. Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt is different to any other salt formula on the market because the trace elements which are so vital to the health and longevity of your tank’s inhabitants have been elevated so that your need to dose is dramatically reduced.

Used regularly as part of your water change routine, iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt will help to ensure that your reef environment benefits from the goodness of almost natural seawater…the ocean in your tank.

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro is suitable for all salt water aquariums including LPS and SPS.

The time and expertise that has gone into the creation of this new product will be reflected in the vitality of your aquarium’s inhabitants; iQuatics are unlike any other supplier in that we don’t use “off the shelf” products but create our own one-off versions which are superior to most…we listen to our customers needs, flag up the deficits in existing products and working with Marine Biologists and Ocean Chemists, we fill the gaps and provide what our customers really want.

We understand that you want high performance products which will cut your workload without compromising your tank’s performance so that’s what we’re offering!

Why Does Ocean Reef Pro Coral Work?

Because it’s been designed to replicate natural seawater as closely as possible….and it does. In the ocean, a vast expanse of water where minerals are constantly regenerated, there is no danger of them becoming depleted. This is a different story in your closed loop system (aquarium) and we know that when you add fresh water during water changes, vital minerals are flushed away.

These minerals are important to the health of your corals and creatures so we’ve elevated them; by adding more of these minerals we’re ensuring that even when you carry out regular water changes, you won’t be depleting the tank’s vital components and your tank will continue to grow and thrive without constant dosing. Used correctly you will see that Ocean Reef Pro Coral will reduce the need for dosing significantly.

Click here for Mixing Instructions

Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt - Tech Spec


Nitrate/Phoshate Free
Mixing Time Fast Mix
Mixing Volume BETWEEN 570-650L
Use Marine Aquaria (Fish Only or Mixed Reef, Including LPS & SPS)
Instructions Mixing Instructions Included inside
Packaging Supplied in food safe bucket with screw on lid

Customer Reviews

Quality Salt – Review by Craig-O (Posted on 29/07/2019)
Used this a few years ago when I had marines and it was easy on par with some of the better known brands, only this stuff mixes better at a nicer price. Cant wait to start using it again, once I get set up that is. Also, delivery is always super fast.
Happy Tank – Review by Alibali (Posted on 24/06/2019)
First time I’ve used this as I’ve always collected my water from a local natural source. I was getting some horrible algae so decided to flush my 50 gallon tank and sump with this salt to see if it made a difference. After contacting the seller with a few questions, which they replied very quickly and politely, I mixed my first batch. Over a week or so I gradually began to add the salt at 20 Litres per day and the result is startling! After gradually cleaning the Algae from the tank I’m now pleased that the tank if clean and there is no sign of the algae returning. The water is Chrystal clear and my fish,corals, and Nems are looking bright and colourful. Even my clean up crew look good! I now top up with 20 Litres per week and everything is looking good. I would highly recommended this product and this seller which I will definitely use again.
Easy to use – Review by Tom (Posted on 20/03/2019)
I found this easy to use and it dissolved very well. no problems at all with this product
Excellent product at a great price – Review by Mike P (Posted on 14/03/2019)
Everything is growing well and behaving as it should since I started using this salt. It is at a better price point than most of the market leaders, and I have seen nothing at all to suggest they're any better than iQuatics. You can buy refills if you don't want to continually deal with the large buckets they come in (which are sturdy and seal very well). I had one order go astray - fault of the couriers - which was quickly refunded. Delivery is always rapid. I won't use anything else...
Great advice, easy to use. – Review by Paul (Posted on 10/10/2018)
I am new to marine fish keeping and after ready several reviews on salt, I decided to use iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt. The delivery was on time which meant I could start mixing straight away. I email iQuatics as was unsure on the amount to use, and within an hour I had a phone call with all the information I needed.

The quality of the produce (very easy to mix and dissolves quick), along with the fantastic price and great customer service means I will defiantly use again and recommend to others.
Good Service – Review by jill2934 (Posted on 03/09/2018)
Good service, reasonable price and the product is good too. Would definitely recommend
Great product – Review by Wabbit hunter (Posted on 23/08/2018)
I’ve only just got this great service so far I will pop back and leave a more in-depth review in a couple of months
Very pleased – Review by Ian (Posted on 25/09/2017)
Really fast delivery,
Excellent quality salt will be buying again.
Parameters – Review by Roy Cruze (Posted on 08/08/2017)
I have just tested a 20kg bucket of salt, and all parameters were good as advertised on the bucket. I have found there customer service to be exceptional. I will certainly be ordering again and would recommend this to all marine fish-keepers.
Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt – Review by Fishy73 (Posted on 28/07/2017)
So far I am pleased with this salt, my fish are happy and so are the softy's, mixes quick and my water seems to be clearer as well, I have just received my 2nd bucket. And it's not as expensive as the other well known brand I was using before. The towels come in handy thanks iquatics nice touch.
Saltmarine – Review by Ady (Posted on 13/06/2017)
Great salt great price
A Really Great Salt – Review by Lee C (Posted on 02/05/2017)
iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt is all I ever use now, quick mixing, top quality salt that contains all the trace elements needed for you reef tank. I would recommend this great salt to all reef and fowlr tank keepers without hesitation. A really great salt from a really great source with a fantastic price point.
Always a good service – Review by Andrew (Posted on 07/04/2017)
Product came fast nicely packed and the salt mixes quick the only thing I would say is there should be a tie on the bag
Good Results – Review by DevonMarine (Posted on 03/04/2017)
Delivered in a couple days (no delivery charge), mixes very very well compared to the brand I was using previously, all fish and corals happy (i just keep softies for now as i'm a beginner), water crystal clear.

Very happy with the product.

The free towel is of surprisingly good quality.
Highly Recommended – Review by Wes K (Posted on 15/03/2017)
Ordering was simple via amazon, I have a prime account so it was brilliant to be able to put this to use where other brands don't sell.
Delivery was speedy and the bucket was well handled.
The bucket itself deserves a mention, I cannot believe it has taken this long for a brand to ditch the sealing lid - almost impossible to remove without ripping off your fingernails! This bucket comes with a convenient screw top bucket and within it, a handy towel.

The salt is well packaged and with a handy measuring guide.

In terms of performance..... I've never EVER known a salt mix so fast, I mix 28l at a time (That's the size of my bucket) within 20 mins the water is pristine after 2 hrs the ph and temp have stabilised ready for use. Faster than advertised.

In the tank, everything looks amazing, the water is pristine and everything is healthy.
Having used synthetic salt since Tropic Marin in 1997, this beats d&d and red sea hands down in my opinion and this is my new brand.
Affordable quality.

Very happy!
Happy so far – Review by Giveusashout (Posted on 11/03/2017)
Switched to this salt because of the price, arrived quickly. Have only used 1kg so far.
Mixed quick, as quick as red sea coral pro i was previously using. No noticeable difference after the first water change other then to my bank balance lol.
Will buy again.
Brillaint – Review by Kev (Posted on 21/02/2017)
Really good reef salt, best i've used. Well recommend to anyone.
Very good – Review by Neil (Posted on 22/10/2016)
This is the second time I have used iQuatics for my Aquarium salt. And the service was as good this time as the first will definetly use iQuatics again.
Brilliant – Review by Steve starfish (Posted on 19/10/2016)
In the past iv used red Sea coral pro but in recent times money has become a bit tight and need to save some peneys in order to keep my tank running or close it down but did not want to compromise on quality.

Then I found iquatics salt. Its just as good the big 20kg tub is a scrow top lid which keeps it air tight and you get a free towel which comes in handy.

Love this product and would recommend it to anyone
I cannot fault the salt... – Review by Jd and Claire (Posted on 09/09/2016)
The salt disolves very fast/hits all markers as stated...We've had no issues and Corals/fish seem to be doing alot better...Highly recommend...I won't be using any other...Back soon...
Excellent – Review by Ronnie (Posted on 15/07/2016)
Salt mixes instantly. Was using Red Sea Coral Pro, Ocean Pro equally as good so far, just a better price. Customer service is excellent and salt arrived very quickly. Will definately be using again in tbe future.
Great Salt – Review by Pricepad (Posted on 14/07/2016)
I have used this product now for the past couple of months and the best part about it is the easy and very quick way it dissolves into solution.

I am making approximately 160 litres a week for my main and quarantine tanks, so far so good, oh and the free towels are also very useful.
Pro salt – Review by John (Posted on 14/06/2016)
Top quality service and product at great prices... Super fast and efficient thank you
Salt – Review by Neil (Posted on 04/04/2016)
My order of Ocean ref pro coral salt (20kg)was a very good price.It came very quick.
A very good service.
Great....again – Review by Steve (Posted on 29/03/2016)
This is great salt, it mixes brilliantly and my tank looks better with it! Customer service is outstanding and cannot be faulted. I will be using this brand until I give up the hobby. Which is never.
Excellent – Review by Fit john (Posted on 09/11/2015)
Great price and good quality. Love the free towel.
I leave my salt out in the garage and the tub comes with a screw down lid that stops any moisture getting to the salt, great Idea. Will definitely use again.

The crystals are fast dissolving and have all trace elements I need. Low phosphates, corals seem to love it.
Excellent – Review by Steve (Posted on 01/10/2015)
What a super product, mixes quickly, my corals look as healthy as ever.
It actually disolves!! – Review by S-Davey (Posted on 17/09/2015)
I love it.
I'm a convert from RSCP and I can't believe the difference I see in my coral after just 3 water changes.
I love how iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt mixes so easily and so quickly without any residue left at the bottom of the container.
A huge bonus is I haven't had any precipitation. I'd forgotten I left it heating and mixing, to return 5 hours later to a crystal clear mix.
Congratulations iQuatics....
Salt – Review by Malcolm (Posted on 16/09/2015)
20Kg bucket delivered very quickly. Good price. Disolves very quickly. No problems encountered.
Thanks for the free bio balls which I have yet to try.
iQuatics Salt - perfect – Review by Matt (Posted on 29/07/2015)
Delivery the next day - faultless as always.

Salt is great to use, mixes in minutes and never have any issues with levels etc. 4th bucket of the stuff now and will continue to use it.
Excellent – Review by Jay-2-oh (Posted on 13/07/2015)
I have been in the fish keeping hobby for around 15 years now and this reef salt is the best I've used. Mixes very quickly and also a very good price too.
Superb salt – Review by ALNES (Posted on 30/06/2015)
Having been in this hobby for many years ive tried many salts from many different suppliers and I have to say that this is a very good salt at a very good price you only have to see the quality of the bucket it comes in with the screw down lid to see its better than most also the brilliant service from iquatics it all makes sense thank you
Quality product. – Review by Stan the man. (Posted on 29/06/2015)
Excellent salt at a fair price.
outstanding product – Review by gramps (Posted on 29/06/2015)
This is the second or third Ocean Reef Pro Salt that we have bought from you guys, what can we say about this product that has not already been said? nothing really this salt is so easy to use, we weigh ours then add to the rodi water and then mix, so easy to get the right salinity every time, a truly outstanding product from iQuatics (as usual) and if only they had this product out soon, but hay the wait is worth it.
delivery was as always a credit to iQuatics super fast and super reliable, again outstanding.
And a free towel when you order, what more can we and our tanks need.
thank you again guys such a pleasure to do business with you and keep up the good work.
(when are the new led`s due)?.................................
salt – Review by freddie (Posted on 10/05/2014)
Excellent customer service, done 2 water changes and the salt seems spot on. Cheap price too.thanks
Brillant – Review by paul (Posted on 06/05/2014)
Fast service at a very good price
Extremely happy – Review by Stephen (Posted on 28/04/2014)
The high quality of this reef salt is amazing for the price,especially when compared to other more expensive brands also the customer service and delivery methods are second to none,I will definitely be purchasing again and again,keep up the good work the iquatics team ;-)
Reef salt – Review by Pedro (Posted on 22/04/2014)
Been using this salt and the difference in my tank is amazing it's got the perfect levels in it and my reef loves it give it a go you wount go wrong
Really happy – Review by Peter (Posted on 12/04/2014)
This salt is amazing it's better than Red Sea coral pro and is £10 cheaper I will be using this salt from now on and free towels are amazing really do cum in handy
Very long winded review – Review by i-CONICA (Posted on 10/04/2014)
I have a very long winded review of the iQuatics salt here:

Happy reefer – Review by James (Posted on 08/04/2014)
I've only bin using this salt for 3 weeks and I can see a big difference in my corals!! They look a lot more full of life and more extension on my polyps :-) and it's very quick to mix two!
Marine salt – Review by Cardigan joe (Posted on 31/03/2014)
hi carnt praise highly enough the product and service are great also the price keep up the good work
Impressed – Review by Dug (Posted on 13/03/2014)
Excellent service. will be dealing with again. Thank you
over the moon – Review by Chris (Posted on 12/03/2014)
Salt received next day, Happy with everything it has to offer and the free towel is a bonus :) I wasn't aware i would get one free.
Great – Review by Nick (Posted on 03/03/2014)
Fantastic value and as always arrived super fast. And I'll keep coming back!
Brilliant – Review by nikcryslukeloabs (Posted on 25/02/2014)
Decided to give this a go after having use red sea coral pro salt for years and finding nothing else was as good... until I thought to give good old iquatics ago after having been so impressed with their T5 marine blue and white bulbs (also outstanding).

This salt is perfect, it dissolves fast and has all the perfect balance of trace elements.. and I got a limited edition free towel... SOLD! lol

Will be buying this from now on as it is just as good as red sea but cheaper and a great company to deal with.

Very happy fish :)
Very Happy – Review by nan (Posted on 23/02/2014)
outstanding service from iQuatics as always, very pleased with service and delivery, bought this salt to replace one that we was having a few problems with, easy to measure and mix and we are really pleased with this product, keep up the good work.

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