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NEW PRODUCT: The iQuatics Bio Pearls

Date Published - 12th June 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Let’s get You Cleaned Up! 
One of things that makes iQuatics different from many other online aquarium kit retailers, is that we design and manufacture our own products. As well as being tremendous fun, as we’re incredibly passionate about what we do (and unapologetic fish geeks), it allows us to be in complete control of each part of the process: from the initial idea to the safe and efficient shipping to you, the valued customer.
Nothing gets overlooked, from the minutiae of design to the rigorous cost assessment that results in us being able to deliver the highest-quality product for the best possible value.

The New Pearly King 
We’re delighted to announce the launch of the brand-new, 100% biodegradable iQuatics Bio Pearl. For the uninitiated and newbies amongst you (“Welcome!”), iQuatics Bio Pearls help keep your aquarium clear of unsightly and problematic gunk by removing nitrate and phosphate (the two major causes of algae in your aquarium) from the water, with the help of a ‘fluidised reactor’.
This process prevents the growth of algae and other waterborne undesirables by converting the nitrate and phosphate into bacteria and enzymes which gradually form on the surface of the bio pearls.
Breaking it down 
Whilst consuming these nitrates and phosphates the bacteria and enzymes actually break down the Bio Pearls, so you don’t end up with any pollutants in the water, which has been a problem with other bio pearl products in the past. We love our fish, so when we developed our own Bio Pearl, the safety and environmentally-friendliness (quite a mouthful) of the product was the highest priority.
And there’s more! 
Rather than simply removing all the nitrates and phosphates, iQuatics Bio Pearls actually help create a stable state by ‘deactivating’ once the nutrients in question have been reduced to trace levels. However, if the levels of tank waste or feeding increase, our Bio Pearls kick back into life and the bacteria conversion process starts once gain. The result: equilibrium, without you having to lift (much of) a finger! One important thing to bear in mind is that you will need a protein skimmer to remove bacteria once it’s served its, though you don’t need to have reactor outflow pipes near the skimmer.
Putting the fun back in 
Nobody (apart from crazy people) likes cleaning. Keeping one’s aquarium clean and gunk-free used to be nothing short of a laborious pain in the back(side). Now, with the help of your new iQuatics Bio Pearls, a fluidized reactor and your trusty protein skimmer, you can sit back and admire your aquarium in glorious technicolour. Afterall, you want to be able to get on with your life whilst still being able to see your fish, rather than a (albeit it well lit) grey, green cloud
Keep that green fog at bay, order your Bio Pearls TODAY. For more information and to make your purchase click here
For more information about Bio Pearls and some handy instructions on their usage along with troubleshooting questions, click here. 

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