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iQuatics Maintenance Bundle – 10kg

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£64.91 £50.00

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Buy all of your maintenance and media essentials in one bundle and save on the normal RRP of all purchased individually.

– 10kg Bucket of iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt
– 500ml iQuatics Bio Pearls
– 1kg Airo Carbon

RRP £64.91

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Product Description

We have bundled together our most popular maintenance products to give you an easy access bundle that will save you ££ of the recomended retail price of £64.91.

1 x iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt – Aquarium Salt (10kg)

1 x iQuatics Bio Pearls (500ml)

1 x iQuatics Airo Carbon 1kg

1 x iQuatics Aquarium Tank Maintenance Towel

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Coral Aquarium Salt – iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro coral salt has been developed using the latest in synthetic salt technology to bring you this high quality salt mix.  Designed to replicate natural sea water as closely as possible, iQuatics Ocean Reef coral salt offers the perfect balance of major, minor and trace elements to encourage your reef system to flourish. With slightly raised levels of major elements, which are usually quickly depleted in a closed loop system, the salt reduces the need to dose these additional elements.

iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro is suitable for all salt water aquariums including LPS & SPS.

iQuatics Bio Pearls 

A primary reason that aquarium hobbyists throw in the towel is the endless battle against algae. Nitrates and phosphates, the two major causes of algae can be dramatically reduced by using iQuatics® newly developed Bio Pearls. Our Bio Pearls are 100% biodegradable polymers which prompt the growth of bacteria that removes nitrates and phosphates from water when used with a fluidised reactor.

iQuatics Airo Carbon

iQuatics Airo-Carbon has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible specifications; its high activity pelletised granular shape has a greater surface area that allows maximum flow and a high contact time, it also makes it great to use in almost all activated carbon filters and reactors.

Due to its sophisticated production process; its low ash content helps to keep the pH of the water stable. This is done by using selected grades of bituminous coal-based carbon which makes activated carbon the perfect water filter. Our bituminous carbon has the most transitional pores, varying in dimension rather than standard materials, which tend to have either small (micropores) or larger (macropores).

iQuatics Filter Net

Our Nets are designed specifically to allow the ease of water movement to flow through the filter media without restriction.

The iQuatics Filter Media Nets are manufactured to a high standard to suit all types of filter media. (NOT powder form)

These nets are made specially for iQuatics Ceramic rings and Premium Activated Carbon. The hole sizes are designed to allow the ease of water movement to flow through the filter media without restriction.

iQuatics Maintenance Towel

High quality, super absorbent microfiber hand towel.

Do you spend lots of time with your hands in the fish tank? Are you constantly using you best hand towels, promptly followed by a stern telling off from your partner?  The iQuatics maintenance towel is your dedicated aquarium towel, small enough to be stored around your aquarium but absorbent enough to cope with the demand of an aquarists continually wet hands.

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