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Dried Reef Rock (30kg) – Large Pieces

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Dried Reef rock is a perfect way to start your aquarium without the risk of introducing those nasties associated with conventional wet rock.

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Product Description

Dry vs Wet 

You’re setting up a new aquarium and are having the internal argument about what rock to use! 

There is no right or wrong answer to this, it’s down to the individual (although our dried reef rock is not harvested and left to dry, it’s collected from a sustainable source) so dried reef rock is more environmentally friendly! 

It also has the advantage of minimising the risk of introducing those nasty unwanted pests and algae that can easily find their way into your aquarium when using wet live rock. These can be the headache of all headaches when they manifest themselves within an aquarium, which is why many aquarists are now opting for the dried rock approach. 

With the abundance of bacto-boosters available on the market today, your dried rock can be as effective, just as quickly as it’s wet counterpart. 

Even without the use of bacteria boosting your dried rock will be as effective after a 6-8 week curing as live wet rock, we recommend that your rock is cured in heated saltwater with a 100% water change somewhere in the middle. 

We would always advise a thorough soaking of your dried rock (in RODI water) before adding to your aquarium, this would clear any dust that has formed and give chance for any remaining dead organics to detach before adding to your aquarium. 

This is a listing for larger pieces of rock, you would expect to receive between 2-5 pieces of rock. Ideal for those larger projects or if you are looking for pieces to break down yourself, this can offer a significant saving on the same weight in smaller rocks.


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