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iQuatics are the UK's leading supplier of innovative marine aquarium lighting products.

iQuatics Online is the UK’s leading supplier of innovative aquarium lighting products. Formed by industry veterans, everyone at iQuatics Online has many years of experience in the production, distribution and support of fish tank lights and filter media products including Activated Carbon ,T5 bulbs and fish tank lighting kits.

One of our key differentiators is that we manufacture our own products, where we see a gap in the market that our unique approach of affordability and quality is best suited to meet. So if we don’t think customers are getting the best product for their money, we design and build it ourselves, such as our new,  AquaLumi Universal T5 lighting for aquariums. This is what has led to our reputation in the fish tank lighting business growing  year on year and the doubling of our company size year on year. We take pride in total control of our products right from design, through manufacture, shipping and delivery to our end users and beyond. This means that our reliability is second to none and our customer service is made easier by having better products than anyone else.

Our customer service team is hand-picked to provide industry leading, experienced advice and support. You will never get through to a faceless call centre and everyone who works at iQuatics Online is as passionate about our products as you are about using them.

We thrive on our great feedback. Our happy customers are testament to our fantastic quality, great aquarium lighting products and service that we like to offer to all customers old and new. iQuatics Online also supports the fishkeeping and aquarium community by being an active sponsor and contributor to a number of popular forums and websites. We aim to become the leading supplier of fish tank lighting products in the UK and beyond and to that end we welcome your thoughts and comments about future products you would like to see iQuatics develop. One of our driving principles is to look for markets where current market leaders are overpriced or under-performing and make improved products at a substantially lower price. This is particularly relevant with our marine aquarium lighting range where we aim to offer a real alternative to established players in the market such as Juwel®, Arcadia, BLV and other fish tank lights. So, for instance, if up till now you’ve only been using Juwel T5 tubes and reflectors, we would urge you to try our range of fully compatible T5 products – we’re extremely confident that once you put them to the test, it won’t just be the price that’s impressed you!

Don’t forget to sign up to the iQuatics newsletter. We send out regular updates to inform our customers about forthcoming products, special offers and discount codes to take advantage of holiday periods and new product launches. We also offer regular incentives for our newsletter subscribers only so it is important to make sure that you are on the list so you don’t miss out!

Don’t hesitate to contact one of the iQuatics team for any questions about using our aquarium lightingfilter media products or to give us feedback about what you would like to see in the future.

We strive to constantly develop new and innovative products to help you get the most enjoyment out of your aquarium as possible and remember.. Quality Aquarium lighting doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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