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Activated Carbon For Your Aquarium – Airo Carbon – iQuatics News

Date Published - 15th October 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Activated Carbon- iQuatics Airo Carbon

The new iQuatics activated carbon is a proven high quality alternative to the majority of the leading brands of aquarium filter media offered in today’s market.

Activated carbon filtration, also known as activated charcoal, is one of the most common filter mediaused with both freshwater and salt water setups. Having a good aquarium filter media is vital to a clear and healthy aquarium or pond, with Seachem matrix carbon, Rowa active carbon and Fluval activated carbon counting amongst some of the most popular brands.
iQuatics activated carbon however has been specifically manufactured with your aquarium in mind, comprising a lower ash content so as to maintain a neutral pH balance in your water. Its shape has also been crafted in order to maximize surface area, allowing for a maximum flow and higher contact time.
 Here are just a few reviews of what customers have said about the iQuatics carbon aquarium filter media:
Activated Carbon
Great quality carbon that really keeps your water crystal clear. I have been using this in the small compartment of my protein skimmer, it works great and comes at a great price. I’m really pleased with this product, my marine tank looks fantastic and you can tell when my water is at its optimum. Best corals look great when they know when the water is right.
Been using this now for over a month and it’s a great product, love the fizzing when you put it in the water. I have been running this in a reactor on my reef tank with great results.
Overall I’m very impressed with it, there is very little dust from it compared to other brands I’ve tried, the size of the pellets make them easy to use in either a reactor or in an external filter. I had bought the mesh bags previously when I ordered light tubes (also excellent) and these are just perfect for the carbon and a lot tidier when changing it.

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