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Activated Carbon

Date Published - 4th September 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Does using activated carbon reduce or eliminate the need for water changes?
No, water changes still remain an essential part of maintenance.
Are all carbons designed for aquarium use ?

No, usually quite the opposite. Most carbons are destined to be used in the chemical industry and air purifiers. Many are treated with phosphoric acid, which carbons for phosphates by introducing a few fresh 10 minutes, test the water with a phosphate test kit. Those carbons revealing no phosphates are to be recommended.
Can a good Quality activated carbon help restore flagging sessile invertebrates?
Yes in many cases, especially with a 33% high quality water change.
Does the use of carbon eliminate the need for a protein skimmer?
No. Skimmers and carbon remove different pollutants and one can only complement the other.
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