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The Advantages of Aquarium Reflectors

Date Published - 25th September 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Twice the Light
As devout aquarium keepers ourselves, the team here at iQuatics are always keen to stress the multitude of benefits that accompany incorporating reflectors into your aquarium lighting systems; offering a number of financial and ecological incentives, these affordable pieces of kit can have a drastic effect on how much it costs to run your aquarium on an everyday basis.

Time to Reflection
Don’t take this the wrong way, but as it turns out, your existing aquarium lighting systems probably aren’t; in fact, they probably waste around 50% of the light they produce. Take for example your typical T5 tube bulb; it is, as the name suggests, a cylindrical object, meaning that light is diffused on a 360 degree spectrum. Now, unless you’re sporting a particularly innovative tank design (in which case we’d love to see some images), that means that over half of that light is probably lost, meaning that your corals are missing out on a valuable source of energy and nutrients.
Aquarium reflectors counter this problem, re-directing light back towards your tank and enabling your flora and fauna to make best use of it. Positioned in-between the bulb itself and  the aquarium lighting system it’s hooked up to, they work – as the name implies – by using a shiny surface to reflect light rays back into the water, making for a more efficient set up on the whole. Naturally, this has innumerable advantages, both for your wallet and the wider environment! Seeing as reflectors effectively provide a 100% boost in light output, they circumvent the need for additional lighting fixtures, working best when budget and space are constrained. They also reduce the need for additional supplementary sources of natural light, again allowing you more options for the location and position of your tank.
Choosing the Right Reflectors (Ours)
We’re never normally ones to sing our own praises (that’s a bit of a lie actually – we always do), but our reflectors have been developed out of dissatisfaction with current brands on the market, and similarly address a number of issues with existing products. A number of currently sold aquarium reflectors feature parts that are particularly susceptible to corrosion and rust – a particular problem if you’re looking to maintain a salt-water reef. Our aquarium reflectors have been specifically designed to address this, being fabricated deliberately out of a corrosion-resistant material to prevent un-timely wear and tear. It goes without saying that the reflective strip itself will break down over time and lose its natural lustre; unfortunately we haven’t quite solved that one yet, but rest assured when we do, you’ll be the first to know about it!
Upon Reflection
Like all of our products, iQuatics strive to design innovative solutions to life’s great problems, and failing that, the hobby aquarist’s great problems. Our reflectors are designed to help save you money, and prevent you from spending hard-earned cash on un-necessary additions to your aquarium lighting systems. Additionally, we’ve taken all measures possible to prolong the shelf-life of our reflectors, making them a sensible investment for the forward-thinking aquarist.

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