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iQuatics products compatible with All Pond Solutions?

Date Published - 12th April 2013 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

iQuatics compatibility with All Pond Solutions Products
If you are looking to replace your T5 tubes, Halides, Filter media or Lighting Unit from the All Pond Solutions range iQuatics can help.
The iQuatics range of T5 tubes is extensive and we have a tube to meet everyone’s needs below is a list of items available from All Pond Solutions and the tubes available from iQuatics
So if you’re considering using the All Pond Solutions range of T5’s then why not try the iQuatics T5’s, the full range is available in all standard sizes (24W,39W,54W,80W) and all tubes, except the T5 Purple are available in Juwel compatible sizes (24W, 28W, 35W, 45W, 54W(1047MM), 54W(1200MM)

The iQuatics T5 Range The All Pond Solutions Range
T5 High Output Tropical T5 High Output Tropical Plant Growth
T5 High Output 14,000k White T5 High Output Marine Blue Tubes
T5 High Output Blue+ T5High Output 10,000k Marine White
T5 High Output Special Aquablue 50:50
T5 High Output Marine Blue Actinic
T5 High Output Purple

Here at iQuatics we specialise in lighting and as such can offer the very best of product and advice, if you’re looking at the All Pond Solutions Range of Halide bulbs why not give ours a try, they are industry standard fittings and will fit most light units, and we also offer more colour temperatures, if you are unsure of which bulb will suit you best please feel free to give us a call.

iQuatics Metal Halide The All Pond Solutions Metal Halide
10000k halides available in 70w, 150w & 250w 150w 14000k Metal Halide
14000k halides available in 70w, 150w, & 250w 150w 20000k Metal Hailde
20000k halides available in 70w, 150w, & 250w 250w 14000k Metal Halide
30000k halides available in 70w, 150w & 250w 250w 20000k Metal Halide

If you’re looking for new filter media from All Pond Solutions then why not give the iQuatics range of Activated Carbon and Ceramic Filter Rings a try, we also sell net bags to accompany these.

iQuatics Filter Media All Pond Solutions Filter Media
Premium Activated Carbon High Grade Activated Carbon
Premium Ceramic Rings Ceramic Bio Rings

Do you need a replacement ballast for your light unit? Are you looking at the All Pond Solutions T5 Aquarium Lighting Ballasts? Why not get yours from iQuatics- the lighting specialists, our ballasts are also compatible with Juwel lighting systems.

iQuatics T5 Electric Ballast All Pond Solutions Ballasts
iQuatics twin 24-39w Twin High Output Ballast 2 x 24w
2 x 39w
iQuatics twin 45-54w Twin High Output Ballast 2 x 54w
iQuatics single 80w High Output Ballast 1 x 80w

iQuatics offer a range of T5 lighting pendants from 2ft right through to 6ft. The iQuatics Aqualumi is available in the following sizes:
2ft – Black or Silver
3ft – Black or Silver
3ft+ – Black or Silver
4ft – Black or Silver
5ft- Black or Silver
6ft – Black or Silver
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*All Pond Solutions™ is registered trademark. iQuatics® products are advertised as compatible with All Pond Solutions™products.

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