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AquaLumi Series 2 Instructions

Date Published - 22nd August 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Click here for Aqualumi Series 2 Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the iQuatics AquaLumi
Please read this set of instructions carefully before operation.
The iQuatics AquaLumi has been designed and manufactured to present you with our latest high quality finished product. Always make sure the instructions are followed precisely; do not operate your appliance if there are any signs of damage or malfunction.

If damaged, maintenance should be carried out only by the manufacturer or qualified person. This is to avoid any permanent damage to your fixture.As with all aquarium electronic equipment, make sure you have a drip loop to prevent the socket or plug from getting wet. A drip loop is required for the timer module too. As shown in (fig 1), opposite, the part of the power cable lying below the level of the socket is used to prevent the water entering the socket.
Make sure your pendant is safely out of the reach of children, unless accompanied by adult supervision, as injury may occur from hot parts, the lamp, or moving parts. This pendant should only be used for its intended purpose. It must be installed indoors and not exposed to the weather or freezing temperatures.

1. Lamp Installation

After factory testing, your bulbs were removed and packaged safely to prevent any damage in transit. Follow the instructions below for the lamp installation procedure. Never operate your light unit without the special plastic lens for your fluorescent tube or if there is any visible damage to the light unit upon arrival.

1.1. Installation Location

Ideally your light unit will be located next to an adequately rated electrical supply. If suspending from your wall or ceiling, make sure that they are structurally stable.

1.2. Working Specification

220v – 240v (fluctuation). Ambient working temperature: Maximum +45°C.
The AquaLumi should be installed in dry conditions away from the outside weather and corrosive materials. Frequently maintain your light unit by wiping away any salt residue, dust or anything else that has built up on the light unit. This will help your light unit run at maximum performance.

2. Replacing Your T5 Fluorescents (iQuatics T5 tubes must be used)

Unplug all power cables that control your AquaLumi from the mains and let the unit cool down completely. TIP: Change the bulbs at the time of day at which your lighting is not in use, saving you having to disturb the timing of your aquarium lighting and ensuring the unit is fully cool.
Remove your lighting unit away from above your aquarium (recommended – 2 person task) and place somewhere which will not hinder the process of replacing your bulbs. You do not want to run the risk of accidentally shattering your fluorescent tube above your tank. Fluorescent tubes can be very fragile. Be careful when removing the bulb from the packaging.

2.3. Your Tube Positioning

The AquaLumi is supplied with a twin power cable. This allows you to have some extra control over the positioning and desired colour of your lighting.

WARNING:Due to the nature of the T5 tubes being fragile, please ensure that the pendant is away from your tank and unplugged from the power supply before you replace the tubes or fit the tubes for the first time. (Keep away from children).Power plug 1 controls tubes 1, 3, 4 and 6 Power plug 2 controls tubes 2 and 5.

Mounting Your Light Pendant

WARNING: Due to the weight and positioning of your AquaLumi we advise that mounting the light unit is a 2 person task. Make sure the power supply is not connected until the unit is in place and fully secure.

Tank Mounting Brackets – Positioning

If you are using the tank brackets, make sure the brackets are fully attached to the light unit. The stands can adjust across the length of the unit to fit any tank up to 40mm longer than the length of the light unit. eg. 900mm (3ft) will fit any tank up to 940mm.

Tank Mounting Brackets – Fixing

Once you have set the position of the tank brackets on your aquarium please use the allen key provided to securely fasten the tank brackets to the lighting pendant. Use the 6 screws provided to attach the brackets to the tank, these should be on the inside edge of your aquarium and hand tight making sure the pendant is securely fastened.

Tilting Brackets

Please support the unit fully if tilting vertically on your brackets. If the unit is dropped from the upright position, damage could be caused to your tank and your AquaLumi. iQuatics will not be held responsible for damage caused from incorrect handling of the unit.

Hanging Wires

The series 2 hanging wires slide directly into the grooves on the top of the AquaLumi. You can adjust the brackets to suit your hanging position. Make sure the location is equidistant from each of the ends to ensure an even spread of the AquaLumi’s weight. Make sure that the fitting in which the pendant will be suspended from is strong enough to hold the weight of the light pendant.

Replacing/fitting your T5 tubes

iQuatics tubes must be used in the Aqualumi)
WARNING: Due to the nature of the T5 tubes being fragile, please ensure that the pendant is away from your tank and unplugged from the power supply before you replace the tubes or fit the tubes for the first time. (Keep away from children).

Step 1

Remove the 4 screws from the removable panel on the underside of each end of the light unit (keep the screws safe). Remove both end pieces and slide the protective perspex out of the unit. If you are putting tubes in for the first time there will be a protective film on the perspex which will need to be peeled off.

Step 2

Step 3

Slide the plastic strip from the end of the AquaLumi. Place one end of the lamp into one end of the lamp holder connections (universal for all branded T5 fluorescents). Then push the lamp contacts into the fittings at the same time. Once they are in place turn the tubes 90° until they lock into place. Please see detailed instructions at
Make sure there is a secure connection between the lamp and the fitting. To remove the fluorescent tubes simply repeat the process in reverse order. Once all of your tubes are in place repeat step 1 in reverse order.

Model Name (6-Tube)Dimensions (length x height x width)Number of T5
AquaLumi 2ft600mm x 73mm x 382mm6x24w (550mm)
AquaLumi 3ft900mm x 73mm x 382mm6x39w (850mm)
AquaLumi 3ft Plus1000mm x 73mm x 382mm6x39w (850mm)
AquaLumi 4ft1200mm x 73mm x 382mm6x54w (1150mm)
Aqualumi 5ft1500mm x 73mm x 382mm6x80w (1450mm)
Aqualumi 6ft1600mm x 73mm x 382mm6x80w (1450mm)

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