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Aquarium Light Hanging System.

Date Published - 13th October 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Aquarium Light Hanging System. – The aquarium bracket for everyone.

For many years people looking to hang a lighting fixture above their aquariums have been restricted to just a few options.The Arcadia wall bracket and the Geisemann wall bracket. Both of these options are quite restrictive in how they allow the suspension of the fixture over your aquarium. Both require attaching to the wall behind your aquarium, this is not ideal if you live in rented accommodation or you do not wish to make permanent alterations to your walls !

iQuatics Aquarium Light Hanging System

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The iQuatics universal aquarium light hanging system changes all of this. Offering three different ways to mount the system, two of which only require small modifications to your aquarium stand. Meaning no holes in walls ! Not only is the universal aquarium light hanging system more flexible than both the Arcadia and Geisemann wall bracket, it is also constructed from high quality stainless steel providing a sleek and stylish addition to your aquarium.
iQuatics Universal Hanging System – Click here to watch the video.
No matter the type of aquarium lighting system your looking to hang, it could be a T5 unit, a large LED pendant, an array of LED units or even a T5/LED hybrid unit. The universal aquarium light hanging system is suitable for all. With extra mounts available and iQuatics industry leading customer support for pre sales advise if required.It is even suitable for corner aquariums, overcoming the age old problem of upgrading lighting on a corner aquarium !
Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what our satisfied customers are saying.
About time – Review by Chris 
I have used a couple of different aquarium light hanging systems in the past, I even tried making my own. After seeing these I was sceptical but I went ahead and purchased them. It’s about time something like this came on the market. The quality of built was spot on. Would be willing to pay double for this !
Fantastic – Review by Paul K 
What more can I say. Great piece of kit and fantastic customer service.
It is an extremely well made piece of kit, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is after a quality product that not only does the job well but with its build quality it look good also. On top of that the customer service was excellent, thank you iQuatics.
Hanging Kit – Review by Tyger 
I bought this thinking it was a little on the expensive side, its not very often you buy something and are really surprised by the quality of the item. As an ex precision engineer I can tell you the quality of this kit is fantastic, and it’s worth every penny. It’s made from top quality stainless steel. The unit is very easy to assemble, also very versatile and looks great over the tank. The service from iQuatics was excellent ,and very helpful when I called for further details.
All in all, excellent service, quality and support.
Excellent product – Review by MJC
This light hanging system is terrific. I was looking for a mounting system that did not involve drilling holes into the walls or ceiling, as I was retrofitting a running tank. I needed a way to install the system without moving the aquarium. I built a unistrut frame that slipped behind the tank and allowed me to mount to. As far as appearance is concerned it is exceptional. Easily the best looking solution I could find. Nothing like it in the states so I bought it from iQuantics in GB. The product arrived in only a few days. Very Happy !

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