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Aquarium Lighting: Should you be Expanding?

Date Published - 8th October 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Let There Be Light!
A lot of aquarists hold the false belief that all you really need to set up a thriving tank is the aquarium itself, some livestock and a bit of aquarium lighting, when in fact they couldn’t be more wrong! As it turns out, there’s a whole wealth of products on the market that would allow you to grow and develop your aquarium, affording you an even greater level of control over the saturation and diversity. From additional bulbs in hooded aquariums to T5 controller devices, the scope for expansion really is only limited by your ambition! (And budget, but we’ll try and help as much as possible with that).

Open Your Eyes
Regardless of how your tank is set up, whether it’s braced or not, or if it features a hood or flap set, there should always be room to expand your existing aquarium lighting system. The issue is, however, that more bulbs don’t always necessarily mean a more attractive set piece. A lot of our customers often complain they’re incorporating more bulbs into their rig, but only the top levels of their corals are seeing the benefits. This is because a lot of conventional T8 bulbs supplied with aquariums, don’t have very good water penetration, meaning the corals at the top of your aquarium are being overly saturated with light, whereas those closer to the bottom of the tank aren’t feeling the same rejuvenating effects. To counter this, iQuatics only stock revolutionary T5 bulbs, which offer enhanced water penetration, and are able to closely replicate natural lighting, all whilst taking measures to reduce superfluous energy consumption.
Taking Control
Of course, another dilemma commonly faced by many a reefer is the issue of how to moderate or limit the amount of light their corals receive. A couple of months back we recounted the issues that excessive UV saturation can lead to – including wilting, discolouration and algae build-up – all of which can become big problems if left untreated. Now whilst, you might struggle to limit just how much natural light your corals receive, our Aqualumi T5 controllers enable you to closely refine your levels of artificial lighting quickly and easily. What’s more, our T5 controllers are the only devices currently on the market that enable you to control more than two bulbs at a time; with the Aqualumi range, you can add up to 6 T5 bulbs at once, all without the need to invest in expensive new technology!
Lighten Up
The answer to the original question that sparked this blog is a resounding “yes”! Here at iQuatics, we don’t just manufacture products to fill gaps in the market; we try to consider your aquarium as a set piece in your living environment. This way, all of our products, from our T5 controllers to our hanging bars, are made to look stylish and fit in with a contemporary interior design. Our products have been designed to prioritise energy efficiency, and guarantee quality at a limited budget; they’re aimed at allowing aquarists to transform or develop their existing aquarium lighting systems at an affordable rate. Above we’ve covered just a few options – check out the whole range of products at our site today!

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