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Blennies – Questions and Answers

Date Published - 26th August 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Are blennies recommended for the beginner?
Yes, they are ideal for beginners, being some of the easiest fish to keep in a marine aquarium.
Can I keep more than one species of blenny together in the same tank?
Most species of blenny are highly territorial and generally will not tolerate their own, or a similar species, in the confines of a domestic aquarium.

Should the aquarium be decorated in any special way to accommodate blennies?
Yes. There should be plenty of rockwork, built up to provide high vantage points. Large barnacle shells are ideal for blennies to retreat into.
Do blennies get on with other fish?
Invariably yes. Although blennies are inquisitive fish, they nearly always get on well with other species that will not be a threat to them.
Are they compatible with invertebrates?
Blennies do no harm to sessile or other invertebrates. Indeed, some species (including the Scooter Blenny) will actually improve conditions for invertebrates by controlling plagues of smaller marine pests that might otherwise both sedentary invertebrates.
Is breeding with blennies possible?
A male and female pair will sometimes spawn in the cover of a barnacle shell. However the fry are extremely difficult to rear, even though professional breeders have tried for some time.
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