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Butterflyfish – Questions and Answers

Date Published - 28th August 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Can butterflyfish be kept with invertebrates?
No. Almost without exception these fish will consume or damage most of invertebrates available to them in the aquarium.
Is it possible to keep various species of butterflyfish in the same tank?
Species with very unlike markings and colouration will share an aquarium if it is large enough and if they are all introduced before any one species can become too territorial. This is best attempted by only the most experienced hobbyists.

Are butterflyfish suitable candidates for the fish-only community tank?
Yes, as long as the tankmates are compatible and optimum water quality can be maintained. Many butterflyfish, once established, can hold their own with most other marine fish of a similar size. However, do not keep them with fish that might nip their fins.
Is it better to introduce butterflyfish into a freshly matured tank?
No. It would be far safer to introduce butterflyfish into a well established tank as water quality is likely to be far more stable.
Is it possible to breed butterflyfish in captivity?
So far, no. The breeding record with this family of fish is very poor indeed.
What should be done if butterflyfish lose their colour and adopt a blotchy pattern at night?
Do nothing. This is natural night-time colouration. Many marine fish alter their colour and patterning at night to become less conspicuous as they blend in with their surroundings.
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