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Cleaning Decorations

Cleaning Decorations

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Cleaning Decorations

Cleaning your aquarium can take all the fun out of fish keeping. With all the beauty and pleasure that you get from a fish tank, there comes the added and undesirable task of cleaning it out. By no means is the task undesirable for the degree of filth, it is more so for the level of effort it requires. However, unless the tank is in terrible shape with the fish preferring to live outside rather than in, aquarium cleaning it is a, pretty much, straightforward job.

There is no hard sequence or rule, the one mentioned below is given to ensure that everything goes systematically with no spills.

Now that the glass is clean on the inside, start by taking all the decorations, artificial plants & rocks and prepare to work on them. Start cleaning by giving them a thorough scrubbing with an algae scraper. Next, give each item a nice 10 – 15 minute soaking bath in a 10% bleach-water solution. Remember to never use soap as it can be poisonous to your fish. Scrub off the residue and rinse under running water. All items need to be air-dried to remove any residue of the bleach.

If you have plants that need cleaning, use a 5% bleach-water solution and soak them in for just 2 or so minutes. Rinse them in the same manner as with the other tank decorations and they are good to go.

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