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A closer look at Bio Pearls

Date Published - 8th September 2020 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Biopearls use a biopellet reactor with the purpose of multiplying bacteria in an aquarium. The bacteria extract nutrients which they then use to multiply, the purpose of this process is to allow the bacteria to prevent any unpleasant growths in your aquarium such as algae and other eye sores in your tank.

The Process

The process is relatively easy to understand. The bacteria grow by sucking up nutrients, most importantly Phosphorus and Nitrogen, to multiply. The Phosphorus is so crucial since it is a key component in the energy cycle: adenosine monophosphate, adenosine diphosphate and adenosine triphosphate create energy through receiving and dispatching phosphate ions. The Nitrogen forms amino acids to create sections of the cell such as the enzymes.

Are These Pearls Safe?

Safety is always a priority when experimenting with new products for our clients. The simplest way to put it is that they are absolutely safe if you are maintaining your tank sufficiently. The pearls do not produce harmful bacteria so the lives of your fish are safe and sound, however the risk you run with using these pearls is your tank becoming oxygen deprived and clouded. You should always bear in mind that oxygen is used to greet electrons. The solution to this problem is to regularly check your tank for clouding and study the oxygen levels, if you notice any of these signs limit the amount of pearls that you are using for your aquarium.

The Primary Purpose

Biopearls are effectively the equivalent of us storing fat. They are made up of a collective of Polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHAs for short, people tend to see this and are led to believe that these pearls are artificial inventions created to save the environment from pesky plastic but they are wrong. PHAs are quite surprisingly formed naturally to store energy thus bringing us back to the human comparison of storing fat. To create the actual biopearls, specialist conditions are put in place to optimise the bacteria followed by breaking open the cells and decontaminating the PHAs.

A misconception

A popular misconception with these pearls is that they provide your aquarium with a carbon source and that is what they are designed to do. This is not completely false since the pearls contain carbon but their purpose is to fight the detrimental organisms in your tank and the fact of the matter is your aquarium is going to be full of carbon already, buying these pearls for a carbon source is asinine if your aquarium is home to any living organisms already.

The Equipment

When you begin using these pearls you need to invest in a few pieces of specialist equipment to ensure you get the full benefit out of them. The pearls need to be on the move constantly since if they are static all the bacteria they are producing is remaining on the surface of the pearls rather than flowing in to your tank. The device you will need for this is called a biopellet reactor. The final piece of equipment, aside from the pearls of course, is a protein skimmer. This is used to ensure that the bacteria is removed from the tank rather than remaining in your aquarium once it has done its job, removing the bacteria stops biofilm from clogging up your tank and depriving your aquariums oxygen levels.

A Final Word

If you’re tired of constantly looking for a way to combat the inevitable algae growth in your aquarium, then these specialist pearls are the way to go. Visit our bio pearls page to purchase these pearls in a variety of quantities and start bringing the fight to the unpleasant organisms in your aquarium!

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