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Common Filtration FAQ’s

Common Filtration F.A.Q’s

iQuatics Help and Advice

Common Filtration F.A.Q’s

I’ve had my filter standing for some time. Can I use the same filter media?
If you haven’t had water running through your filter for more than a few hours it is advisable that you change the filter media in case any contaminants have got into your filter however ceramic rings can be used again after a slight wash out. Activated Carbon should be replaced.

What is more important, the filter or the filter media?
The filter Media is in effect the filter. The Filter itself is basically a glorified machine used for pumping the water through your filter media. The main job of it is as a pump; however some of the more professional models have built in UV clarifiers.

If you change your filter media won’t you be removing the beneficial bacteria from you filtration?
If you use biological filter media like ceramic rings, you don’t need to replace it; it can be re-used, or washed out. If you do decide to replace, it is recommended that you use the water that you are removing when you do a water change. This prevents the chances of contamination.

Do I have to use certain filter media for certain branded filters?
In general most replaceable filter medias e.g., Activated Carbon, Ceramic rings and filter pads can be used in all types of filters however the more expensive filters has canisters that have to be replaced. Even though they container the same media. They make it impossible to replace without changing the filter.

Should I replace my bio-balls filter media?
Your Biological media is what holds the good bacteria which are needed for a healthy tank. If you remove this you will have to start again from scratch.

When should I replace my Premium Activated Carbon?
Carbon media should be changed out when it is recommended, since it goes bad. I only use carbon when removing meds from the water.

What do I do if my biological media is looking a bit worse for wear?
If your bio-media looks dirty, as in solid particles, not colour because the bacteria will discolour it, then lightly rinse it in TANK water from a water change or RO water. Tap water will kill the bacteria. The mechanical filtration media can be rinsed more thoroughly … inspect it, and if it is in good

What is the purpose of Mechanical Filtration?
Examples of mechanical filtration are filter pads, brushes and gravel. They are used to screen out the larger floating particles.

What is the purpose of Chemical Filtration?
Examples of chemical filtration are activated carbon and zeolite. They are used to remove colour producing chemical, medications and odours from the water.

What is the purpose of Biological Filtration?
Examples of biological filtration are bioballs, Ceramic Bio Rings. They use beneficial bacteria to convert poisonous substances into harmless ones.

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