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Considering Your (Aquarium Lighting) Options

Date Published - 28th September 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Before you get scared off, don’t worry – this blog isn’t going to be like one of those painfully awkward careers meetings you had when you were 16 where you were forced to consider your “career options” over a cup of weak tea. No, today we’re going to be talking about lighting options, looking at how best to position and attach your fixtures depending on the shape and style of your tank.

Brace Yourselves
Like many options in the aquarium keeping industry, the choice of whether or not to opt for a braced or brace-less tank has been debated at length across forums, articles and news items, much to no avail. Owing to their rigid structures (usually comprised of a durable metal or polymer), braced tanks offer more in the way of security and integrity, helping to protect the tank in the event of forceful impacts or abrasions. Brace-less tanks, however, are preferred by many because they make for a more seamless, symmetrical tank with increased options for visibility. Regardless of your individual preferences – to brace or not to brace – iQuatics have a number of versatile lighting options to insure premium saturation and efficiency.
Back in Brack-et
iQuatics’ widely regarded AquaLumi range of aquarium lighting has a well-founded reputation for light intensity, growth stimulation and saturation, all balanced against the need for energy efficiency and conservation. Fortunately enough for you, the Aqualumi range has an option that can be easily affixed to any number of aquariums. The AquaLumi series 2 for example, can optionally be fitted with a set of two purpose-built aquarium lighting brackets, enabling you to position and reposition your lighting easily. Manufactured from a lightweight, hardwearing composite, these aquarium brackets have been purposefully designed to distribute weight evenly, avoiding undue structural stress and protecting your aquarium.
Of course, iQuatics also manufacture and distribute aquarium lighting hanging bars (you might not have heard of them – we only drone on about them every single day) – a popular alternative to brackets. Suspended on wires made from stainless steel (with plastic coating for enhanced corrosion resistance), our hanging bars can easily be affixed to either the aquarium cabinet or the wall. This innovative product has been designed to completely take the weight (and stress) off of your aquarium, removing the risk of structural weakness.
Under the Hood
Of course, all of this advice is pretty much useless if you use an aquarium hood (if this is the case, thanks very much for persevering this far). If you do have an aquarium hood, don’t worry, there are still some products we can plug. Our latest innovative T5 lighting controllers have been designed to prioritise enhanced light penetration, stimulating a more even rate of growth across the breadth of your tank. They’re available in a number of different options and with numerous colours of T5’s to accompany them, the controller kits can be fitted to the majority of pre-existing aquariums.
The Price is Light
The position and location of your aquarium lighting will inevitably come down to a multitude of factors, including natural light, space and personal preference. At iQuatics, we believe it’s our job to give you options, and the advice to choose between them at your leisure. Take a look through our full range online today, and as per usual, we’re  happy for you to get in touch with us directly using our Live Chat functionality.

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