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Controlling algae in the aquarium

Date Published - 18th May 2017 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Next up on the algae agenda, how to control algae in your tank! This blog is going to focus on how the algae grows in the first place and of course a few methods that will help you remove or at the very least control the algae growth in your tank.

Why Does it Grow?

Algae growth has a vast variety of factors that affect it. They range from natural consequence to things that you could be doing to deter their growth. Some of the natural factors consist of how frequently they are being exposed to light and how intense the light is. Another is the amount of nutrients that are available for them that they need to grow.

Surprisingly, however, there are far more reasons that algae could be growing in your tank that can be traced back to the way we take care of our aquariums. For example the sea salt mix being poor quality will almost certainly be a contributing factor to algae growth in your aquarium as well general aquarium maintenance care so replacing old pieces of gear etc. Having no algae eating predators is another big reason algae can spiral out of control, you can look at another one of our blogs about identifying algae to find a little more about what predators consume algae.

Controlling Algae

Algae growing in your tank isn’t all bad, it suggests that your tank is following that natural cycle that it should be doing but if algae in your tank is spreading to all the objects in your tank that’s when you know you have a problem.

As previously mentioned certain nutrients contribute largely to algae growth. Cutting down on these nutrients through protein skimming will make it harder for the algae to grow. Adding some algae eating organisms is another positive step and we offer a variety of products that can combat algae, for example, our bio pearls which come in number of different quantities which you can find here.

A Final Word

Algae can deter even the biggest lover of aquariums but some simple maintenance and knowledge can go a long way. Remember that algae can only grow if you keep letting it, so be sure to not take the cheaper option with sea salt mixes and other products and you’ll soon see a decrease in algae growth!

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