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Do you have a Juwel or Aquatlantis aquarium?

Date Published - 2nd August 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

If you have the standard Juwel or Aquatlatis aquariums you will more than likely only have two tubes under your hood, this especially for marine reef keeping is not an adequate amount of light to provide you with the thriving reef environment you desire. You may also have noticed that the space for adding more lighting just isn’t there!

So what do you do?

One option would be to remove your hood and add a light pendant, like the iQuatics AquaLumi this would provide you with enough light to sustain the little slice of the ocean you desire. However for some people this isn’t an option, maybe you don’t like the look of a tank without a hood or you also have pets that wouldn’t mind your prize fish as a snack!

The other option would be to add the iQuatics reflectors to your existing lighting set up.

Our reflectors are a great way to improve the light output of your aquarium lighting. They can increase the output of the tubes by up to 100%. Reflectors work by redirecting all of the light that is usually lost above the bulb back down into your aquarium, meaning they are a very cost effective way of dramatically improving the light output in your aquarium without taking up extra space or power consumption.

 Illustrated in the diagram below.


iQuatics reflectors are made from durable, rust resistant aluminium and encompass the latest non-metallic reflective technology, made possible through the application of nanotechnology. This surface has the ability to capture lost light and convert it into a fantastic usable light, without the usual rusting and pitting of a metallic surface. So if you’re restricted on space or just want to increase lighting, our reflectors are the most popular, cost effective option on the market today.

iQuatics are confident that their new reflectors are better than anything else available to the aquarist in today’s market place. iQuatics reflectors are available for the full Juwel & Aquatlantis range and the standard 24w, 39w, 54w and now 80w too.

The key benefits of using the new iQuatics reflectors are:

  • Made from strong, durable & rust resistant aluminum
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures
  • Super lightweight
  • Snap on installation
  • Incorporating the latest in non-metallic reflective technology
  • Only the reflective strip needs to be replaced making them very cost effective
  • Easy to maintain

You have just read another great aquarium blog post by iQuatics. If you would like us to blog about a specific subject or have your own aquarium blog content you would like published on our website, get in touch. Together we can help grow the iQuatics aquarium blog into a vast resource full of combined industry knowledge.
*Juwel®  is a registered trademark of Juwel Aquarium. This product is manufactured by iQuatics® and is in no way associated with or manufactured by Juwel®. It is advertised as a product compatible with Juwel® products.

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