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Don’t Neglect Your Aquarium This Festive Period

Date Published - 30th November 2016 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

At iQuatics, we know that there’s little worse for your aquarium’s health than to simply bypass the usual maintenance duties for your fishy friends. What’s more, the sad fact is that those seemingly harmless yuletide activities we get caught up in, year in and year out, can actually lead to unintentional neglect of your fish. Nevertheless, we bring glad tidings: with our practical pointers on managing your aquarium despite the festive distractions, you can keep your head above water this Christmas time.

Schedule In

With festivities over-riding our day to day habits, the Christmas period calls for a whole new routine. This, however, doesn’t in any way exclude your aquarium routines. So, what’s the best approach? We recommend some good old-fashioned scheduling. Make a note of your regular maintenance duties for your aquarium and adjust them accordingly for the festive period. If you have pressing maintenance due for over Christmas, from changing bulbs to refitting the filter, then bring those tasks forward and complete them in good time. Whatever you do, don’t risk neglecting those fish by delaying the maintenance. After all, the early bird catches the worm. 

Stock Up

Christmas undoubtedly abounds with benefits. Having said this, when it comes to practicalities you may have also noticed that punctuality is less of a feature. The notorious Christmas post is something to bear in mind whilst timetabling your aquarium maintenance. Double-check the opening and delivery times of online aquarium suppliers and your local fish shop so that you can dodge the frustration of waiting for that essential piece of kit to arrive. Ideally, get fully stocked up well before the festive work hours come into force.

Test Out

Whatever you do, don’t leave the device or equipment to simply get on with the job at hand without having thoroughly tested its capabilities. This includes testing that spare equipment, not least your extra heater given the serious slump in December temperatures. With most suppliers following different opening hours, you don’t want to find yourself (nor your fish) stranded this Christmas period. To get your preparations underway, browse our full range of aquarium supplies online today!

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