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Filefish – Questions and Answers

Date Published - 25th August 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Are filefish suitable for less experienced hobbyists?
Apart from Long-Nosed Filefish, rarely seen in the aquarium trade, the members of this family can be recommended as excellent aquarium subjects for the beginner.
How large do filefish grow?
Depending on the species, filefish can be expected to attain 6-10in (15-25cm) in the aquarium under optimum conditions.

Are filefish suited to the invertebrate aquarium
No, they are not to be trusted. In the wild their natural diet is coral polyps.
Can I keep more than one filefish in a tank?
Unless the tank is very large, it is best to keep one in any collection.
Can you suggest a few suitable species?
The Tassel Filefish (Chaetoderma pencilligera), the Red-Tailed Filefish (Pervagor melanocephalus), and the Filefish (Monacanthus chinensis). The most popular of these, the Tassel Filefish, grows to 7in (18cm) or more, and will need a large tank.
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