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A Fish Is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

Date Published - 30th November 2016 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Our Appeal
If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you’re either an avid aquarium owner or fairly new to the hobby. Whichever category you might fit into, we know that during Christmas time the festive rush can make it all too easy to forget about our aquatic pets’ needs, large and small. For that reason, here at iQuatics we’re raising some fish-friendly awareness this December. Far from banning any yuletide preparations, we’re simply outlining the responsibilities of owning fish or giving them as a present this Christmas.

More Than Meets the Eye

Many of us are initially drawn into keeping fish because we’ve encountered some truly impressive aquariums ourselves. Inspired by the sight of these aquatic wonders, we dive headlong into the task of creating our own. Admirable though this enthusiasm is (maybe we’re a tad biased), attaining that ideal aquarium environment does nevertheless come with its fair share of responsibility. Of course, it’s no simple matter of filling the tank with water and leaving it to it. From selecting the right tank size, to installing the appropriate filtering system, and choosing the most effective temperature controls, your aquarium is a finely balanced environment. Do it right, and your fish may have a lifespan of up to 30 to 40 years. Ultimately, the key to longevity is consistency. No matter what the time of year is, keep an efficient checklist of your fish’s needs so you can give them the best chance in life.

‘The Christmas Sock Syndrome’

It might not be a certified condition, but here at iQuatics we believe that ‘The Christmas Sock Syndrome’ is a legitimate festive phenomenon. Just like that pair of unwanted yuletide socks destined to languish at the back of your drawer, sometimes buying your friend or family member a fish for Christmas can be an ill-advised move. Unless your loved one has specifically expressed an interest in owning fish, we’d recommend a healthy dose of caution. It might not be intentional, but all too often this lack of interest can lead to a lack of care for those unexpected, sadly unwelcome fish. Perhaps, in this case, that pair of woollen socks really is the best choice. 

By all means, bake those yuletide goodies, hang the tinsel and generally get into the Christmas spirit this season. But all the while, do spare a thought for your less demanding pets. If you’d like any further advice on keeping your aquarium shipshape this winter, go ahead and quiz our experts with our live chat functionality online.

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