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Date Published - 22nd March 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Consumers now have more options for marine tank lighting than ever before, and it can be quite daunting when choosing how and where to invest your money.
If you’ve gone to the effort (and expense) of getting a beautiful array of fish and built a splendid  marine environment for them, you no doubt want to best show this off and create that awesome home centrepiece you’ve been daydreaming about, but at the same time, you may not have much of a budget left your lighting.
So, this begs the question: do you opt for a cheap lighting system so you can get your tank lit as soon as possible OR do you save your pennies and go more high end when you have the money?
The third way
Well, the good news is that there is in fact a third option! With iQuatics marine tank lighting kit you can get the high-quality design and build that you’d expect from the high end (expensive) reef aquarium lighting manufacturers without having to eBay your girlfriend’s jewellery whilst she’s watching Eastenders.
The other benefit of opting for iQuatics kit is the unparalleled after-sales and – perhaps more importantly – pre-sales service. Whether it’s advice on bulb combinations to make your unique set-up really shine or ways on which to get the best ‘bang-for-your-buck’, our team are passionate to a fault when it comes to dishing out free advice – think of us as the Samaritans of the fish geek community.
Talk to me!
More often than not, we can help turn your marine tank lighting set up around with just a short (or sometimes not so short if we get excited) phone call and give you the best available advice based on: 1) your current lighting equipment and set-up 2) the sort of set-up and aesthetic you aspire towards and 3) your budget. If you’ve been stung for high-quality tank lighting equipment in the past, we’ll give you an honest account of what specific equipment is comparable (and often better) amongst the current iQuatics range, and how much money you could save. Sounds great, right? Of course it does – who doesn’t like to save cash. You may even end up being able to buy more jewellery for your girlfriend (from eBay, of course. No point in buying new).
With products such as the new Aqualumi Series 2, you get cost effective, gimmick-free marine tank lighting, without compromising on quality. Sleek, minimalistic design with the coolest of finishes (anodised black or silver powder coat, both providing long term protection against corrosion) that will take your aquarium to the next level.
Fish tank lights from iQuatics
Don’t settle for less
A common gripe we hear from our now-loyal customers is that they were tired of the gamut of run-of-the-mill rubbish available and that they hadn’t realised they could purchase kit with the kind of build quality they wanted without spending a fortune – before they discovered that we’ve been developing some amazing marine tank lighting products in-house, here at iQuatics, that is.
Take the iQuatics Aqualumi T5 Controller, for instance. With this sleek and stylish unit, you no longer have to worry about hiding that ugly, cheap-looking control box away; you’ll actually be proud to have it part of your set up.
With exceptional attention to detail and safety, you won’t have such issues as rubber seals failing and letting water in, and because our mission is to facilitate your creativity, iQuatics are the only company in the UK that offer a controller system that can operate more than 2 tubes (without combining several controllers, something that would mean huge cost) and providing you have the room, you can combine up to 6 T5 tubes with our controller and let your imagination run wild.
Marine fish tank lighting kit bundle
What’s more, we’ve put together special marine tank lighting packages such as our T5 Lighting Kit Bundle which contains your choice of T5 bulbs, reflectors and the Aqualumi controller, affording you even greater value for money. Don’t say we don’t look after you!
So if you’re looking for revolutionary marine aquarium lighting equipment that will allow you to really see all those fantastic colours, without having to cancel Christmas, have a good browse through are products on this website.
And remember: we’re here to help you make your aquarium as great as it can be and we’ll happily advise you over the phone (or by email) until we’re blue in the face (or fingers).  T: 0845 269 7417   E:

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