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Gobies – Questions and Answers

Date Published - 30th August 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Would a goby make a suitable beginners fish?
Yes. Most species of gobies are quite easy to keep.
Will gobies share an aquarium?
In many cases, yes, but temperaments vary. If you have seen them happily sharing the same tank at your dealer’s, then they will probably be fine. The larger the tank, the less chance of territorial disputes.

Are gobies suitable for the invertebrate aquarium?
Yes, but with two reservations. Very small gobies can easily fall prey to predatory anemones, crabs, and some shrimps (Mantis and Pistol Shrimps, in particular). Other gobies spend most of their time taking mouthfuls of coral sand, sieving it for small particles of food, then passing it out through their gills. Unfortunately, this sand can be sprayed over sessile invertebrates causing them distress. The most common culprit is the Blue-Cheek Goby.
Are gobies compatible with other species of fish?
Yes, on the whole they make excellent community fish providing they are not kept with larger fish that might see them as a potential meal or other very territorial species that may unduly harass them.
Can a goby help improve my undergravel filter?
Yes. Some species take mouthfuls of coral sand and sieve it through their gills. With this constant disturbance, the substrate will never become compacted and detritus will be brought to the surface to be filtered off. If external filtration is used and a layer of coral sand covers the bottom, a goby can disturb it enough to prevent anaerobic activity.
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