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Hagen Glo T5 Controller vs iQuatics T5 Controller

Date Published - 16th October 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Hagen Glo T5 Controller vs iQuatics T5 Controller – Head to Head

We thought it would be a good idea to put the Hagen Glo T5 controller up against the iQuatics T5 controller to see which comes out on top for performance, value, and overall usability.

Feature Hagen Glo T5 Controller iQuatics T5 Controller
Main Body Material Plastic Aluminium
Number of T5 Tubes Limited To Two T5 Tubes Up to 6 T5 Tubes
Wattages Available 24w, 39w, 54w 24w, 39w, 54w, 80w
Customisable by the customer No Yes
Replaceable Ballast No Yes
IP67 Rated Lamp Leads Unknown Yes
Length of Lamp Leads Unknown 2 meters
Country of Manufacture Unknown UK
T5 Tubes Included No Yes with certain models, bulbs can be added to all at a discounted rate
Twin Plugs for controllability of lighting schedules No Yes on selected models
Available as a complete lighting kit (Tubes, Reflectors & Cable Tidy’s) No Yes
Prices From £35.90 (Controller Only) £59.49 (Including 2 tubes & delivery)

As you can see from the table above the iQuatics T5 controller outshines or equals the Hagen Glo T5 controller in every single comparison. The most notable is the ability to increase from the standard twin controller, up to 6 T5 tubes and up to 3 T5 tubes on the 80w version.
Hagen Glo T5 Controller
When making cost comparisons it may seem at first glance that the iQuatics T5 controller is more expensive than the Hagen T5 controller, averaging around £35 for a 54w twin system, compared to £59.49 for the equivalent iQuatics version. However the iQuatics Version includes 2 T5 tubes of your choice, saving you from £23.98 upwards and delivery is included. So when all of this it taken into consideration the iQuatics Aqualumi T5 controller actually works out cheaper than the Hagen Glo T5 controller.
Arcadia T5 Controller Vs iQuatics T5 controller
Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers think 

  • Fantastic – Review by Ken – What can I say, this is a fantastic lighting unit the controller looks sleek and stylish and the lights are great. They are doing a great job in my 95 gallon tank and the lengths of the cables are excellent. I couldn’t have asked for a better product.
  • I cannot tell you how impressed I am with it ! – Review by Rob Graham – Just a quick email to say that I finally got around to installing my new iQuatics light unit. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with it! I have had various T5 lighting units over the years but the iQuatics is by far the best looking and thought out until that I have had the pleasure of owning.
  • Buy it – Review by Gerg – Very impressive bit of kit. The whole unit runs cooler than my original t8 twin unit. Easy to set up, with the excellent cable plug arrangement. Being able to control 2 tubes at a time makes it very versatile for different lighting arrangements. At the moment running this alongside my old t8 and to be honest the t8s don’t even look like they are switched on. The T5 tubes give outstanding light. Having looked around for a while to replace my ageing T8 light unit, there is nothing out there that even comes close to this beauty. Very, Very highly recommended, well done iQuatics. Great product.
    Oh and not to forget the excellent customer service,and delivery.
    Many Thanks.
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