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iQuatics – Bringing it all back!

Date Published - 28th August 2013 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

iQuatics are delighted to announce that we are bringing the manufacture of all of our products back to the UK!
We are currently in the process of developing a state of the art production facility in Staffordshire to keep up with the demand for our products. By manufacturing and assembling our products in house it will give us flexibility to increase production in response to demand much more quickly. Bringing manufacturing back to the UK has environmental benefits too, as we are no longer shipping products in, so this move reduces our carbon footprint substantially. We want to enhance our company by utilising the skills and knowledge available to us here in the UK.
By using local companies to supply our raw materials and packaging, rather than sourcing globally and producing in Europe, not only will we be able to offer local residents employment opportunities with ourselves and throughout our supply chain, it will also enable us to implement our rigorous quality control procedures with more ease. iQuatics are proud to be a British company and now all of our products will carry the high standards of workmanship available in the UK.

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