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iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit…Simplifying Lighting for Aquariums

Date Published - 31st January 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit…Simplifying Lighting for Aquariums

We have pioneered yet another new and ground breaking product. This time it’s the re-thinking of suspension lighting for aquariums of all sizes. iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit is set to revolutionise the way people deal with suspended lighting at home making it far easier for the average hobbyist to install hanging lights.
iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit are like nothing that the industry has ever seen thanks to the fact that the designers have approached the concept behind lighting for aquariums from a new direction. By looking at issues from a consumer’s perspective, the iQuatics team have managed to come up with a brilliantly simple and effective solution to the common problems surrounding suspended lighting.
For many hobbyists, hanging lights have caused difficulties in the past, mainly owing to the usual method of installation which is to drill into ceiling joists…iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit deal with this in a new way by utilising a cleverly designed attachment bolt. It’s now possible to directly connect hanging bars to an aquarium stand or cabinet rather than attaching them to the ceiling…they can be adjusted for attachment to a wall too! No more drilling into ceilings…with iQuatics’ brand new design it’s possible to benefit from hanging bars and keep all of the equipment in one place without causing permanent damage to the property.
Not only are these hanging bars well designed, they’re also priced extremely competitively, making them an affordable solution for most hobbyists. As if that wasn’t enough they are made from durable and long-lasting stainless steel and are designed to fit smoothly into any set-up without spoiling the lines of the aquarium.
The iQuatics hanging bars come in a range of sizes from 600mm – 1200mm as a kit containing everything that the customer needs. These start at £69.99 and end with the largest model being 1200mm wide at £79.99
These hanging bars are set to make a professional standard set-up into a reality for many people…simplifying the process of lighting an aquarium in an effective and stylish fashion they’re well designed, affordable and more importantly incredibly effective.
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