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iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro Mixing Instructions

Date Published - 17th December 2013 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Mixing instructions for Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt

Mixing Instructions
The recommended specific gravity for the different aquarium setups are:

Type of setupSpecific Gravity at 25C
FOWLER(Fish only with live rock)1.021
Soft/LPS Corals1.023

We would always advise the use of a refractometer to ensure your specific gravity is correct.
For a Specific gravity of SG – 1.025 – 650grams/20 Litres of Iquatics Ocean Reef Pro salt to 20 litres of Reverse osmosis water. Be sure to add salt to water and not water to salt. Allow the salt to dissolve thoroughly until the pH stabilises as 8.2-8.4 and all the salt is properly dissolved.
If the salinity is incorrect after the mixing process simply add more water or more salt to achieve the required salinity – remember it is easier to add salt than it is to add litters of water so make sure you don’t overdo the salt in the first instance.
Iquatics recommends the use of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water when making up your salt mix, using RO water will give you a pure base to start you mix, removing the harmful chemicals and trace metals that are found in tap water.
It is recommended to mix iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro salt for long enough to allow for pH stabilisation.  (Please note this is only a guideline Ocean Reef Pro Coral is a quick mixing formula and can be used as soon as these parameters have stabilised)
We would always recommended that the salt mix is aerated well before use to allow pH to stabilise and oxygen levels to rise to the correct levels. NEVER add salt directly to your aquarium, unless this is your first mix and the tank contains no livestock.
Always mix water in a food safe container that is not going to leach chemicals into your mix, the bucket provided with the iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro salt is ideal for this.
*Based on a 20 litre mix at 25 degrees Celcius
Ocean Reef Pro Coral when mixed will provide a dkH of between 7 -11

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