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iQuatics T5 Fluorescent 6 Tube Combination Recommendations

Date Published - 1st April 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

We get asked a lot which tube combinations are best and what our T5’s individual characteristics are. There are many, many answers to these questions depending on the type of set up you keep, what goals you are looking to achieve with your aquarium, be it maximum growth or perfect colouration or somewhere in between.

So we have taken our Series 2 AquaLumi 6 Tube T5 Pendant system as our model and put together a little booklet on recommended 6 tube T5 combinations with a little more info on how they will benefit your system, also there is a little info on the benefits of each of the tubes.
These 6 tube combinations can be adapted for 4 or 8 tube set-ups.
Simply click the link below to open your PDF download.
Download your iQuatics 6 Bulb Combinations Booklet

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