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The iQuatics Universal vs Aquatlantis® T5 Light Bars

Date Published - 13th November 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

When looking for a new light bar for your Aquatlantis® aquarium there are a few compatible products on the market for you to consider, such as the iQuatics AquaLumi Universal. It’s better sometimes to look at two products side by side so you can draw your own conclusions.

Feature IQUATICS AQUALUMI UNIVERSAL Aquatlantis t5 light bar
Body Material Anodised Aluminium Moulded Plastic
Number of Tubes 2 or 4 2
Extendable Yes by up to 100mm No
Controllability Yes – 4 Tube version has 2 plugs, each controlling two T5’s Inline switch, both on or both off
Repairability Easy to repair, every part can be replaced Difficult to repair, sealed units often mean drastic DIY
UK Manufactured Yes No
Ease of changing T5 tubes Tubes can be replaced without removing light unit from aquarium Light unit needs to be fully removed for safe T5 replacement
Flap Set Compatible Designed to accommodate existing flap sets Yes

 * Aquatlantis® is a registered trademark. The iQuatics Universal is manufactured by iQuatics® and is in no way associated with or manufactured by Aquatlantis®,It is advertised as a product compatible with Aquatlantis® aquariums. Any enquires relating to this product should be directed to iQuatics Limited*


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