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Keep Your RO Unit Frost-Free this Winter

Date Published - 10th November 2016 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

When it comes to cold snaps, there’s a very real chance of your RO (reverse osmosis) unit shivering to a halt and freezing up entirely. With this little device needed for keeping your aquarium water in tip top condition we really can’t blame you if you start tearing your hair out. Never fear, however, as iQuatics believe careful prevention is the best cure. Take a look at our handy tips to keep you from the weather-induced panic.

Reel Them in

If your unit is attached to an external source, such as an outdoor tap or in a garage then you may already be well acquainted with the struggles involved in battling the whims of the weather. Your RO unit’s delicate Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane is especially vulnerable to frostbite. Playing the starring role in filtering troublesome pollutants, from dissolved chemicals to nitrates and phosphates, this fragile membrane is more important than its flimsy form might suggest.

It only makes sense, then, that you go to whatever length to protect it from freezing. It may sound simplistic, but the best you can do for your outdoor RO unit is to bring it in out of the cold and let the ambient room temperature work its magic.

Exposed to the Elements

If your RO unit isn’t going to budge, no matter how much you might want it to, there’s no reason to despair just yet. Just as you’d don your thickest winter coat for the chilly weather, make sure you cover up your RO unit against the elements. With recommendations including anything from wrapping it in tank insulation jackets and even making use of old duvets, there’s no exact science behind your choice of padding. Provided the unit is well and truly snug, then you should be able to dodge that pesky frost. Similarly, if your unit is hard plumbed then take the same tact and wrap up the plumbing itself. An extra nugget of knowledge to keep those pipes clear is to avoid running water during colder hours, particularly overnight, hence minimising the chance of frost setting in and affecting vital water pressure.

Worst Case Scenario

Alas, you may find that it’s just too late and your RO unit has already succumbed to the chilly temperatures. Whatever you do, don’t persevere with the same old filters, no matter how new they may be or that they are holding your TDS at 0. Maintain your excellent water quality and invest in a new filters.

So you see, the freezing conditions don’t have to signal the demise of your filtering facilities. To pick our experts’ brains some more, contact us  today or visit our website for more information!

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