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Let There be Light

Date Published - 10th November 2016 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

It’s no use sitting in darkened rooms this winter, moping over the loss of daylight. Here at iQuatics, our lighting technology means your aquarium doesn’t have to be subject to the vagaries of the winter daylight hours. Without further ado, let our aquarium supplies shine some light on the subject.

A Light-Hearted Approach

I’m no scientist, but from what I do know of biology, there’s a fairly general rule that: where there’s light, there’s life. It’s no different with your aquarium. It follows, then, that your fish should enjoy consistent lighting patterns, whatever the season may be. In doing so, you promote not only the growth of the inhabitants, but also their likelihood of survival. It’s a win-win situation.

Of course, depending on the creature or organism in question, there are different levels required. If you currently house photosynthetic inhabitants, then you may find sticking to the standard 2 tube lighting system is simply insufficient. With the T5 Lighting Bar using 4 tubes, the occupants of your aquarium can revel in a lighting system with heightened water penetration, ensuring that their health is maximised.

Get Back to Nature

Having sudden changes to lighting patterns is immensely stressful for your fish. Just as our eyes struggle in the early morning trying to adjust to the harsh bedside lamp, simply flicking a switch and inflicting stark light upon your inhabitants does more harm than good. So what’s the answer? Simple: take your inspiration from nature and emulate natural daylight as closely as possible. In keeping with the inhabitants’ biological adaptations, this strategy lets them thrive in an environment that reflects their physical needs.

From the trusty goldfish to more tropical aquatic friends, there’s a whole variety of creatures to inhabit your aquarium. Using something like the Aqualumi T5 Controllers, it’s possible to efficiently regulate the distribution of light within your aquarium. Alternatively, halide bulbs emit high output light to most accurately substitute natural sunlight. By mimicking the ripple effect of sunlight due to its single point of emission, the vibrancy of your aquarium is promoted.

Bring your aquarium out of the shadows this winter with iQuatics industry-leading lighting solutions. Take a look online at our full range of high-quality products or contact our Staffordshire team today to order yours!

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