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Marine Salts: Making The Correct Choice

Date Published - 29th April 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

The Importance of Choosing the Right Salt
Choosing the correct marine salt for your tank should be a carefully considered process, one that probably isn’t made easier by the myriad of artificial reef salts currently on the market. Before we get into the pros and cons of various marine salts, it’s important to understand that natural sea water (which a healthy aquarium should be trying to emulate) isn’t, as many believe, simply comprised of salt and water. It is, in fact, a combination of almost every element found on earth, which is why it’s important to settle on a brand that is directly suited to your individual ecosystem.
Bearing this in mind, there are a number of important factors, from mixing speed to the inclusion of trace elements, that are also important to consider when choosing which salts are right for your tank.
The best artificial habitats in which to encourage a healthy and diverse ecosystem are those which try to closely replicate the chemical make-up of natural sea water. Though this is the subject of constantly shifting scientific debate, you can still achieve a close imitation of natural sea water using a variety of aquarium salts currently found on the market.
Natural sea water itself includes traces of elements like potassium, ammonia and even silica, all of which are necessary to create a thriving ecosystem. iQuatics Ocean Reef Coral Pro marine salt combines all of the relevant substances in their exact specifications, as are found in ongoing trials by leading ecological research organisations. This allows us to create an artificial atmosphere that closely resembles the natural habitat of your livestock and photosynthetic organisms, enabling us to develop the ideal setting for your aquarium to thrive and develop. Our aquarium salts also work to actively presuppose the ongoing depletion and restoration of major, minor and trace elements, ensuring a consistently balanced environment.
Our Ocean Reef Coral Pro marine salt is also fast acting by design; it has been specifically engineered to be easily and quickly introduced into the ecosystem as soon as element levels have balanced out. This makes it ideal for both the amateur and experienced aquarium keeper.
Remember that when choosing which aquarium reef salt to invest in, all levels of nitrate, nitrite and phosphate need to be 0. It also pays to bear in mind that it’s very difficult to change the type of product, i.e. from synthetic salt to bioactive salt, once it has been introduced to the system, so don’t rush into your decision. As always, should you require any further advice, our team of aquarium enthusiasts are always happy to help at our live chat, or over the phone.

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