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Maxspect Razor Mounting Rail- Alternative

Date Published - 21st November 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

An alternative way to mount the Maxspect Razor lives at iQuatics

Do you have the Maxspect range of LED lighting (Razor Nano o rRazor) ? Are you looking for an alternative to Maxspect Razor and Mazzara Mounting rail ? The iQuatics aquarium LED hanging bar offers a versatile alternative to the Maxspect Razor and Mazzara Mounting rail whilst maintaining the clean lines and sharp design of your aquarium.

Multiple Mazzara modules can be suspended from a single iQuatics LED hanging bar with the addition of extra hanging attachments (available from iQuatics) meaning your LED hanging bar is future proof. Want to add more modules ? No problem simply add a set of hanging attachments. While the Maxspect Razor can be attached easily using the hanging kit available for the unit and the mounting attachments provided with the hanging bar kit from iQuatics
Made from durable stainless steel and with several mounting options we can provide something slightly different to the Maxspect Razor and Mazzara Mounting rail, a system that works in a way that you want it too.
•    Option 1: Tank mounted; screw the supports into the back of your aquarium cabinet.
•    Option 2: Tank mounted; screw the supports into the sides of your aquarium stand.
•    Option 3: Wall mounted; simply switch the direction of the attachment bolts and screw into the wall behind your aquarium.
As long as you have the hanging wire attachments for your Razor or Mazzara, iQuatics provide the rest !
Click here to view the range of hanging bars suitable for your Maxspect Razor 


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