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Protein Skimming – Questions & Answers

Date Published - 19th April 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Must all marine aquariam be fitted with a protein skimmer?
Yes, it is an essential piece of equipment, removing pollutants that other filtration methods fail to eliminate.

What should be done if the waste liquid is colourless and copious in quantity?
The skimmer requires further careful adjustment to air and water flow. This situation is not uncommon with new set-ups.

How often should the wooden air diffusers be replaced?
To maintain maximum efficiency renew air diffusers every two months. The internal body of the unit can be cleaned at the same time.

Does the collection cup have to be emptied of waste liquid every day?
No, most modern skimmers have a bleed-off tube re-directing the liquid into a drain or larger container to be emptied once or twice a week.

Is it essential to use ozone with a protein skimmer?
No, many skimmers work very well without the use of ozone, although their efficiency can be markedly improved with its use.

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