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How to repair a faulty Juwel® Hi-Lite® T5 or MultiLux® T8 unit.

Date Published - 13th November 2015 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Being one of the only manufacturers that has a direct phone number through to our HQ we speak to a lot of customers on a regular basis who are experiencing the same issues with their Juwel® Hi-Lite® T5 OR MultiLux® light bars.

As you will already be aware if you have this unit and you’ve looked at the iQuatics Juwel Compatible replacement ballast, the units themselves are sealed with no natural way in to repair/replace the ballast.  There are many DIY methods we have seen online that involve cutting open the unit, replacing the ballast and resealing, however we would never advise that you follow this path.
Once you have broken open the sealed unit, you can never be 100% sure that when put back together the unit is totally waterproof, moisture and electrics do not mix so it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
There are a few things to check before you give up hope all together :
If your Juwel light unit is not working, here are the steps we’d recommend taking to ensure it’s faulty before sending it back for repair or replacement.
1. Re-install the bulbs
First try re-seating the original bulbs if your unit fails to turn on. Unplug the unit from the mains and remove it from the aquarium. Unscrew the end caps and slide them along the bulb then carefully remove and reinstall each bulb, screw the caps back down and plug it in. If that doesn’t work, try step 2.
2. Install new light bulbs
The most common reason for a Juwel light unit to stop working is because one or both of the fluorescent tubes have blown. Try replacing these first.
3. Plug the light unit into another socket
Faulty plug sockets and extensions are another big problem. To confirm that the problem doesn’t lie with your plug socket or extension lead, plug the light unit into another socket that definitely works.
4. Change the fuse on your plug
Change the fuse in the plug of your light unit. Make sure you replace it carefully and use a fuse of the correct size.
If all else fails and your unit has gone to the huge aquarium in the sky, don’t make the same mistake twice, the iQuatics AquaLumi Universal T5 Light Bar will fit directly onto your Juwel® Aquarium, is fully repairable and gives you the option to move up from 2 tubes to 4 whilst still maintaining your closed lid appearance. Click here to see which unit fits your aquarium.
* Juwel®, Hi-Lite® & MulitLux® are registered trademarks. The iQuatics Universal is manufactured by iQuatics® and is in no way associated with or manufactured by Juwel®, It is advertised as a product compatible with Juwel® aquariums. Any enquires relating to this product should be directed to iQuatics Limited*

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