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The Science Behind Algae

Date Published - 18th May 2017 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

At the expense of depressing aquarium fanatics the world over we are going to be focusing our blogs this month on algae… Now stick with us it’s not all bad, in fact, we think that these algae-based blogs are going to change your life! We’ll be taking a look at how to control algae, identifying algae and even how it can be a positive! Starting today with the science behind algae, since like any other enemy, you will need to have done your research if you hope to dispatch of this foe.

The Science

Algae are a scientists playground. They are great to study since they are a fantastic survivor but unfortunately for us aquarium lovers these interesting traits are a pain. They are adaptable, fast growers, survive insane conditions and like a malignant virus, they spread across your tank faster than you could think possible. We aren’t exaggerating when we say you could see a minuscule amount of algae growing in your tank and return the next day to a tank filled to the brim with this pesky nuisance.

So why does that happen? Well, the answer lies in bacteria. Your fish need bacteria to survive and leave this bacteria all over your tank, bacteria in the air finds its way into your tank and before you know it the bacteria has combined to form an algae patch that is set to take over your innocent aquarium.

pH Balance

The pH balance can often be overlooked when it comes to algae since people tend to use pH purely as a way to test the acidity of your water. Many people do not know that a high pH level can actually increase the algae growth in your tank! Regularly test your pH level to ensure it is not too high and you could quickly see a decrease in algae. You want your pH to be around the 8 mark for a saltwater aquarium, if you find yourself over this you may well have found the answer to your algae problem!

A Final Word

Algae can seem daunting and complex but in reality, it’s a relatively simple concept and understanding how algae are forming and multiplying in your tank is the first step to beginning to remove the algae!

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