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AquaLumi T5 Controller Instructions

Date Published - 20th May 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Instructions for the iQuatics Aqualumi T5 Controller System

Setting up and using you Aqualumi T5 Controller

T5 Controller Instructions
The iQuatics Aqualumi  T5 controller revolutionises the way we use external lighting controllers within the aquarium. For so long these fixtures have been dull, boring and un-stylish. We have changed all of that and now you don’t have to worry about hiding your ugly control box away. Instead you can happily display this stylish and functional system as part of your aquarium set up.

Why be limited to adding 2 extra tubes to your system?  If you have the space and the imagination you can add up to 6 T5 tubes (size dependant) with just one iQuatics T5 controller. iQuatics are the only company in the UK that offer a controller system that can operate more than 2 tubes, so now there is no need to purchase several controllers costing hundreds of pounds.
Please click here for iQuatics AquaLumi T5 Controller Instructions 
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