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Aquarium Lighting, Articles

Aquarium Lighting: Am I Too Intense?

Owing to the veritable range of products on the market, tank keepers have never before had so much choice when it comes to their aquarium lighting; some systems have twelve tubes whereas others have four, almost all models now allow you to adjust the height with the twist of cog, you get the picture. The…

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Aquarium Lighting, Articles

How Long Should I Have my Aquarium Lights on for?

As well as looking pretty fancy and impressive for when guests come round, photosynthetic life (i.e. corals, plant life etc.) is basically integral to the ongoing equilibrium of your aquarium, so it’s imperative you take good care of it. Obviously, (as we’ll get to in a bit) a certain level of near UV light is…

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Aquarium Lighting Q&A's

How Many Hours a Day Should Aquariums be Lit and Which Lights to Choose

This is a question which occurs often and the answer varies only slightly according to what is resident in your tank. Most photosynthetic creatures such as corals and plants have a photoperiod ( the optimum time in which they should be exposed to light) of around 7 to 8 hours and lighting for much longer…

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Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium Lighting Suggestions

It is impossible to give you exact lighting require for your aquarium as there are many factors involved and variation in type of lighting available on today’s market. All of the content below are personal opinions and I must emphasise that there is no one best way to light your tank!

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