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Vodka Dosing

Offering your fish a little tipple might not seem like a solution to the problems brought about by nitrates and phosphates in the water but those in the know understand that by adding ethanol…otherwise called vodka, the quality of the water in most notably, reef aquariums will improve.  This common method of improving water quality…

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10 Tube Combinations

The combinations we are suggesting below are a guideline only. Every fish keeper has different opinions on the colours that they prefer. The most popular combinations that we find are used in the aquarium hobby are marked with a *. Colours can vary slightly depending on the position of the tubes. You can position the…

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Where to position corals within the Aquarium

So you’ve just got your hands on a new coral and your about to acclimatise it and put it into your aquarium. Do you know where best to put the coral or what its light dependency levels are? In this article we will try to help you understand why coral placement is more important than…

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Aquarium Lighting

What can affect the quality of your lighting ?

We are all aware that the spectrum of a light source, be it halide or T5 will shift over time; this is why it is recommended to change your T5 tubes and halide bulbs every 6-9 months.  However it is not only time and spectrum that can affect the quality of your lighting there are…

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