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Tips on Christmas Gifts for Fish Geeks

Date Published - 1st December 2016 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Christmas presents can be tricky enough, not to mention when the person in question seems to already have 99% of all they need for their hobby. If you have an aquarium enthusiast in the family or friend group, you might just be tearing your hair out trying to find that ideal gift. Thankfully, iQuatics has compiled a list of top tips on buying for the fish geeks amongst you. After all, we speak from experience.

Avoid Repetition

Post-present-opening, the last thing you want is to find that you’ve bought the recipient a duplicate of something they already own. With that in mind, it’s worth doing a little bit of research. Pay them a visit, take a look at their aquarium, or ask them the questions out-right and work from there. With this knowledge, you can go on and take the lead from the items they already have in place. For instance, additional features such as salt, activated carbon, and Bio Pearls are always a handy extra for your fish-loving friend.

More Than You Bargained For

If there’s any advice we can’t emphasise enough, it’s that you resist the urge to simply buy livestock for your fish geek. Unless they’ve actually asked for newbies to add to their tank, you may be leaving them with the tiresome and costly job of completely overhauling their aquarium. What’s more, despite your best intentions, you might be unsure how to properly care for the fish during the time in between buying them and gifting them. If the recipient has their heart set on a livestock gift, then speak to your local fish shop and see if they’re happy to hold the stock until closer to the date. 

If in Doubt…

When push comes to shove, sometimes it’s worth accepting that simplicity really is the key. Far from conceding present-buying defeat, we recommend that you select something slightly less specific for the fish geek in your life. A gift voucher is always welcome giving an aquarist the freedom to choose whatever is most needed for their tank. Maybe you’re thinking of something out of the box…or more accurately, in the stocking? Grab a printed iQuatics “FISH GEEK” T-shirt as a novel stocking filler, and eliminate the risk of repeat gift-giving. To browse our full range of aquarium supplies and accessories look online today or call us on 01538 542070 for friendly advice from our experts.

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